Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roadtrip for 4 days.

Hey all,

I will be leaving for a road trip with my friends tomorrow till Sunday. Sean was like 'oh, is tomorrow already?' If the back of my head I have another pair of lips, I'm sure it will be smiling away. It wasn't because of his 'blur-ness' but it was because of the fact that we were just so caught up working which then turn into a routine and never really thought about the days off. It seems like everyday is another day of keying in data, telemarketing, greeting the customers while all the other counselors are busy attending to other customers and etc. Apart from that, we have other personal matters to keep track on.

It's hard to find a 'do nothing day' for myself. Off day means doing the other things that you can't do because of work. Seriously man, I'm dying here without a planner. I'm not sure if the planner that I got from Kaven is good enough or not, I scare it will become 'kiam chai' even before my birthday comes. Strangely enough, even though it is pretty hectic, somehow I still manage to feel good! I have to say I love working with taylor's (great staff!), I love the place that I'm interning '4thirteenmedia' (so far i'm not doing much yet but soon), I love hanging out with my friends, I love meeting new people, I love my church, I love serving my God and I love my family. I just feel blessed to be place in Taylor's July intake FICM because all those crazy friends are just so precious. Blessed to be asked by serene to work as student helper that leads to meeting many great staff of taylor's. Blessed to have the opportunity to intern with a small company but really friendly bosses. Blessed to meet new people even in the most unexpected places like during the trip to redang or just shopping for RM1 nail polish in Elianto (this girl out of the sudden ask 'this product is made from where r? We don't have it in Singapore.' Then we started talking for a while. Totally forgot her name.) Blessed to be placed in an awesome church nearby my home and meeting great brother and sisters in Christ. Blessed to have a loving family. They all put a smile on my face.

It's not always easy when things don't go your way, it's frustrating but eventually you will just have to accept the fact you just did not get what you wanted and then, you move on. Lessons will always be learned, the real factor is how much it affects you. Someone once told me 'you are not an ordinary 19 year old girl.' It didn't really mean anything to me that time other than feeling flattered as my ego interpreted it as I'm special and unique. This is how thick skin I can be. After sometime pondering on that sentence, I come to the point of 'hey, maybe it's true?'. While most of my other girl friends have already thought about their wedding day and being married to someone awesome in the future, here I am, trying to figure out 'how am I going to get the career of my dreams that can support my future lifestyle that I intend to live in.' Xiao materialistic! What is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be a college student and be lazy all the time! (hahahaha, my parents will yell at me if I'm a potato couch during this semester break).

Emotionally attached? Nah, no time for it. I'm to busy being attached to my crazy life. I have enough love from the people in my life, don't really need anyone really special yet. Oh! I totally forgot to blog about this. Remember GY camp 2009? So, something really interesting happened. I was approached by this really talented guy named Ta Yong, he plays the piano so well at the same time does wushu, soft and tough at the same time! That is just how much is had grown, he was just a little boy when I was his GA in 2005 GY camp. The sweetest thing happened that had made my day, he actually kept the Guardian Angel letter that I wrote to him. He was my first mortal and I was his first GA. It was our first camp! I'm guessing that he kept it in his bible for this freaking 4 years! Now thought of it, I should have just gave him my whole stack of GY currency in my hands when he showed me the letter. Girls his age, go for him please, to sweet of a boy to be single. Haha. If I'm not mistaken, he is 15.

I just realize all my post title doesn't match my content. Crap it. It's my blog, my thoughts, not yours. Oh it rhymes! Lame sial. Stupid me. I haven't pack, great.....

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