Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alliance warehouse sale

I was looking at my silkygirl juicy fruit brush on lip gloss while sitting in the car pondering to myself, 'should I drop by the place again just to go get more colors?' I will have to admit, the gloss that I have on my hand smells great as compared to some other glosses that I owned. Example are avon's simply pretty collection of lip glosses smells horrible, it was a lesson learned to never buy that range of glosses no matter how pretty the color may look. At the end of the day, you wont be able to see it but you will dread the rest of the day, torturing yourself to ignore the scent on your lips. Beauty is pain but it doesn't have to be that painful with the advanced technology these days.

The question was still rocking back and fourth in my mind while walking the pathway that leads to my college for work. I am in some serious shopping mood and when else is the best time to spend during holiday season with clearance sales everywhere. Not to forget the economic crisis that encourages us to spend more to revive the economic stability. My work ends at 4pm that day, so I said to myself 'Why NOT?'. I have all the reasons to go!

The day before, I went to Alliance cosmetic group clearance with Kaven. It was in shah alam and all I had was the map I tore from the Star Paper. Initially was only me that will be going for the craze, assuming that it will be another advanture for me to find the place even though I believe that I have been there once for the maybeline and loreal clearance sometime ago. I was equally happy to learn that I have another friend wants to tag along to the clearance, even better that she knew how to get there. It didn't took us long before we were surrounded by housewifes, working ladies and young sweet girls, all carrying a basket and sticking their hand into the pile of cosmetics laying on the table just begging to be brought home and be owned. No surprise that there will be male friend or family whom will either join the fun or standing outside the event with their hands crossed close to their chest and tapping their feet all the way, hoping that the next female figure to walk out the gate is their wife/girlfriend.

My routine in a clearance sale is to always give the place a tour before grabbing. Notice and keep and eye of the hot places and I don't waste my time on the items that is not worth my money. I remembered that after the first round, I was stucked at the revlon counter as they were selling their midnight swirl glosses, velvet crushed lipsticks, sugar sugar lip toppings and molten metal liquid eyeshadows at a price of only RM2! My eyes were at the verged of popping as I know that this range of product will usually cost me more than my four hours salary working in the student services. Without a doubt, I grabbed almost every color available for each of the items stated priorly. Except for the molten metal, I only tooked silver as I didn't fancied the bronze and the gold. It is true that the colors of the lip products are rather dark and scary, it may not looked wearable but it is just the appearance that freaks people out. It could be one of the reasons why there are so many left to clear as everyone is afaird to pay that much for something that is not for everyday use. Midnight swirl is actually a lip lustre that only gives a tint of color to you lips, velvet crushed smells like crayon, sugar sugar is just glitter with a little sweet taste and molten metal is liquid shadow that dries upon application that last great throughout the day or night. Some other products that I got was my current new favourite silkygirl juicy fruit gloss in peach delight (2 for RM5) and varnish in lusty lavender and berry plum. I almost chucked in the basket with the nail color english rose but I managed to risist because it was RM5, I don't call that cheap. I trusted my instict that I can find a duped in elianto for less during sale period.

Kaven didn't hold back as well, her basket was filled with all kinds of products. Of course, she's a working adult thus buying products that are slightly more expensive. Unlike me, cheap skate! We walked out with a happy heart and feeling satisfied with the plastic bag on our hands hanging towards the gravity. Talking and chatting away in the car while heading back to college for work.

Coming up post: Talking about the day after Alliance clearance. I did not drop by there again but I headed to Cheras for bonita group and elianto clearance. A random decision as I just found out while looking for the map for Alliance on the internet. provides informations on the latest warehouse sales around malaysia.

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