Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have to say this year Christmas was great! Attended Kim's and Hwai Tah & Sherrene's Christmas Party. I had some wonderful time. I forgotten how much fun it was just hanging with my church friends. I was so occupied out there, busy with all my other stuffs that I totally neglected my social life in church.

Bodyguard and assassin was awesome! OMGOSH! You have to watch it, was sad and great all at the same time. The kungfu, wushu, kicks and punches hyped me up. All too cruel at the same time with blood everywhere.

Thank you for the Christmas presents! From suling's world peace cookies till the smallest hand written cards. It was all so wonderful even the HUGS.

Fruitful in the midst of affliction- I'm not really sure what was the fruit yet but I know I was on constant stress and hardship through the year 2009 but when it comes to December I was pretty relax, having fun and enjoying every moment of my life. I don't force myself to work that often, I took time to go holidays and socialize. Haven't really find time for myself yet, may need to work on that soon. I have to say that I can't remember what affliction but I know that it was a really hard year. Can't wait to find out next year's theme!

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