Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roadtrip for 4 days.

Hey all,

I will be leaving for a road trip with my friends tomorrow till Sunday. Sean was like 'oh, is tomorrow already?' If the back of my head I have another pair of lips, I'm sure it will be smiling away. It wasn't because of his 'blur-ness' but it was because of the fact that we were just so caught up working which then turn into a routine and never really thought about the days off. It seems like everyday is another day of keying in data, telemarketing, greeting the customers while all the other counselors are busy attending to other customers and etc. Apart from that, we have other personal matters to keep track on.

It's hard to find a 'do nothing day' for myself. Off day means doing the other things that you can't do because of work. Seriously man, I'm dying here without a planner. I'm not sure if the planner that I got from Kaven is good enough or not, I scare it will become 'kiam chai' even before my birthday comes. Strangely enough, even though it is pretty hectic, somehow I still manage to feel good! I have to say I love working with taylor's (great staff!), I love the place that I'm interning '4thirteenmedia' (so far i'm not doing much yet but soon), I love hanging out with my friends, I love meeting new people, I love my church, I love serving my God and I love my family. I just feel blessed to be place in Taylor's July intake FICM because all those crazy friends are just so precious. Blessed to be asked by serene to work as student helper that leads to meeting many great staff of taylor's. Blessed to have the opportunity to intern with a small company but really friendly bosses. Blessed to meet new people even in the most unexpected places like during the trip to redang or just shopping for RM1 nail polish in Elianto (this girl out of the sudden ask 'this product is made from where r? We don't have it in Singapore.' Then we started talking for a while. Totally forgot her name.) Blessed to be placed in an awesome church nearby my home and meeting great brother and sisters in Christ. Blessed to have a loving family. They all put a smile on my face.

It's not always easy when things don't go your way, it's frustrating but eventually you will just have to accept the fact you just did not get what you wanted and then, you move on. Lessons will always be learned, the real factor is how much it affects you. Someone once told me 'you are not an ordinary 19 year old girl.' It didn't really mean anything to me that time other than feeling flattered as my ego interpreted it as I'm special and unique. This is how thick skin I can be. After sometime pondering on that sentence, I come to the point of 'hey, maybe it's true?'. While most of my other girl friends have already thought about their wedding day and being married to someone awesome in the future, here I am, trying to figure out 'how am I going to get the career of my dreams that can support my future lifestyle that I intend to live in.' Xiao materialistic! What is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be a college student and be lazy all the time! (hahahaha, my parents will yell at me if I'm a potato couch during this semester break).

Emotionally attached? Nah, no time for it. I'm to busy being attached to my crazy life. I have enough love from the people in my life, don't really need anyone really special yet. Oh! I totally forgot to blog about this. Remember GY camp 2009? So, something really interesting happened. I was approached by this really talented guy named Ta Yong, he plays the piano so well at the same time does wushu, soft and tough at the same time! That is just how much is had grown, he was just a little boy when I was his GA in 2005 GY camp. The sweetest thing happened that had made my day, he actually kept the Guardian Angel letter that I wrote to him. He was my first mortal and I was his first GA. It was our first camp! I'm guessing that he kept it in his bible for this freaking 4 years! Now thought of it, I should have just gave him my whole stack of GY currency in my hands when he showed me the letter. Girls his age, go for him please, to sweet of a boy to be single. Haha. If I'm not mistaken, he is 15.

I just realize all my post title doesn't match my content. Crap it. It's my blog, my thoughts, not yours. Oh it rhymes! Lame sial. Stupid me. I haven't pack, great.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009


There will be so many movies coming in 2010! I can't wait to watch them.


I have to say this year Christmas was great! Attended Kim's and Hwai Tah & Sherrene's Christmas Party. I had some wonderful time. I forgotten how much fun it was just hanging with my church friends. I was so occupied out there, busy with all my other stuffs that I totally neglected my social life in church.

Bodyguard and assassin was awesome! OMGOSH! You have to watch it, was sad and great all at the same time. The kungfu, wushu, kicks and punches hyped me up. All too cruel at the same time with blood everywhere.

Thank you for the Christmas presents! From suling's world peace cookies till the smallest hand written cards. It was all so wonderful even the HUGS.

Fruitful in the midst of affliction- I'm not really sure what was the fruit yet but I know I was on constant stress and hardship through the year 2009 but when it comes to December I was pretty relax, having fun and enjoying every moment of my life. I don't force myself to work that often, I took time to go holidays and socialize. Haven't really find time for myself yet, may need to work on that soon. I have to say that I can't remember what affliction but I know that it was a really hard year. Can't wait to find out next year's theme!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Using this 15 minutes

So, I have 15 minutes to blog before I'm off to get ready for an informal meeting. To have holidays that do not involve work is fun. I had yesterday and today off, sadly I'm working tomorrow. I found out that after blocking all Facebook game application, it doesn't seem so interesting anymore. Definitely a plus as I saved so much of my time not worrying whether my food in cafe is cooked or my fish is hungry. Also, I don't understand the poking game? Jason pang and I keep on poking each other. What is the meaning behind it? Someone please save me from my curiosity.

Recently, I borrowed a chinese movie from Miss Ririne. 'Raise of the Red Lanterns' I was surprised with the ending. I totally expected that it might like all other movies, cry in the beginning and happy endings. Literally, there was already tears just as the movie is starting. It was an ancient story about an educated girl being forced into marriage at the age of 19 to a rich man who already have 3 wives. She will be the fourth concubine. When there is polygamy, it is natural to have those wives plotting against each other. I was expecting that she will end up falling in love with the 1st wives's son who is constantly out for business trips but no...... she went 'ku ku' even before the scandal can be done! Ever since her arrival, she had caused 2 deaths in the Chen clan's family and had broken many family traditions. The red lanterns will be raised in a particular wife's house area if the master choose to stay the night with her. To them, it was significant to have red lanterns hanging on their area. The more often it happens, they will sooner or later rule the house. A reminder that each of the wives has their own house.

Okay, I passed my 15 minute time limit. Said goodbye to my grandma just as she leaves for Malacca. Getting hooked on perfumes, already have a small collection. What a SIN! I think I need to learn to be involved with the project 10 pan!

Sherlock holmes was good. Going for Alvin chipmunks tonight! off now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

RMC's Graduation.

Gosh, he is done with his SPM, done with form 5. I feel so old as the constant flash back of the day I completed my form 5 keeps running through my head. It's just weird to realize how fast time passes without a warning. I am loving the adult-to-be experience as we are treated like an adult but at the same time it scares me to have the thought of not being under my parents' supervision and not having the luxury of receiving allowance every month. Gosh, I really have to work for my own money now! This is sad!

Sometimes, somehow, I feel that 'Hey, I need to grow up already. Stop acting like a child'. I can't stop being me, a child! Even my younger brother is growing up. The older I grow, the more hard headed I become. I guess I just know clearly and specifically what I wanted for my life, I want the best for myself because I found out that I can't have my parents by my side forever telling me what to do.

How can I live without my parents? I'm such a mummy and daddy's little girl, this I will have to admit.

Berries dilemma 7&8

Episode 7

Episode 8

Author!! This is freaking addictive. I need more!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guangzhao China. Heart......

Xiao sweet!

Gosh, her love story damn fairytale lo. My heart also melted, it's so warm and fuzzy. I can't believe I missed so much, after just 1 week without the internet, so many things happened. She is getting married, time passed so fast as I remembered I was just starting to follow her blog sometime ago. I was so fascinated with her 'zheng-ed' sidekick phone and blackberry which kept me coming back for more of her life stories.

Congratulations Wendy and Mike! There's a video of xiaxue's proposal, somewhere in her blog. I'm just to lazy to link it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

GY Camp 2009

I think this year I'm quite excited for camp, or maybe is just today that I finally feel the hype to get ready for camp because the pass few days is just a craze in the student services. My boss stress, all the student helpers also stress.

This year may be pretty fun as I'm finally the billionaire! I remembered I started of being a participant of a group when I was 15. Then 16, moving up a level to assistant leader. 17, I a leader of a group. Due to college, 18, I wasn't able to make it for camp and this year, the time has come to be the one giving!

Hopefully, my guardian angel will be someone nice. Ended up putting myself in just to balanced up the number of people in the game.

I need something, just combine black to berry. Hint** Hint** I have the perfect reasons to own one.
  1. I'm always filled with activities. Just check my diary, the book like 'kiam chai'. Over used!
  2. Book diaries don't remind you with alarm.
  3. My e-mails (have few accounts) are the most important thing in my virtual life.
  4. Youtube is my best friend.
  5. Blog to keep my friends updated.
  6. Twitter for short updates.
  7. Facebook, something that everyone is happy about that I finally got an account.
  8. when I think about it, I will let you know........
Got to go cut papers and pack d.

Won't be around to blog till the 20th of December.......

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am offered to learn how to fix car....

Para pelajar yang di hormati

Sukacita dimaklumkan ANDA TELAH DITAWARKAN untuk mengikut kursus jabatan pembangunan kemahiran (JPK), Kementerian sumber manusia di Auto Prima Technology Training SDN BHD.

Auto prima technology training sdn bhd menyahut seruan kerajaan untuk menyediakan Skil Latihan industri kepada para pelajar yang tidak dapat melanjutkan pelajaran ke institusi pengajian tinggi. ANDA ADALAH SALAH SEORANG YANG DIPILIH UNTUK MENGISI PELUANG INI.

I feel so stupid now......... I know I only got 5As for SPM and I know I'm not good in my studies. Don't la send me an offer to learn how to fix cars. I girl be mechanic like very rough. Don't la just because I used to learn taekwondo so send me go do cars, I'm still a girl le...... Feel so stupid now. I cannot continue my tertiary education, didn't meet entry requirement!!!

Episode 6!

Check out what is wrong with the berry males.....
Is bulu still alive??
Who is mush talking to on the phone?
What is tiny and smelly gonna do?
Is ribena and kitty ever fight?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bonita group + elianto sale

While I was looking up for the Map too jalan pengaturcara, led me to another sale in cheras. It' the Bonita group and elianto clearance. I didn't know that I have been there before too until I got to the place. If I was not mistaken, I was there with my family for my mom's friend clothing warehouse sale. It was awesome, I remembered getting my demin jacket for only RM10! What a deal, though such a pity as I only wore them once for Cameron. Weather here is too hot even for fashion purposes.

As I was saying, I got hold of the map to the Bonita group sale, it wasn't a great help though as it only showed the Taman area. Not really whether from federal or kesas or LDP or etc. Even upon reaching Cheras, I was still struggling looking for the area. All I have in mind was to just go straight until I see something that at least shows in the map. I am never bored driving alone, I will always blast the music and keep changing the radio channel. Many times I will dance to the beat too! I think sometimes people looking through the window laughed at me. Whatever, as long as I'm happy.

I will have to say that I am actually pretty disappointed with the sale or maybe is just that it didn't really have much elianto products displayed but I think the cosmetics is a great deal. However, some of their fragrance or products are cheaper to be purchased from their stores. RM 1 for liquid eyeliner, aqua shadow, gloss and etc. I got only 2 eyeliner in purple and blue, 3 aqua shadow in silver, green and blue, moose shadow in purple and baked shadow in fresh green. Moose shadow and baked shadow only cost RM 5 for both.

I was really happy learning new roads, finding new places and looking at new stuffs. I think I am going to sleep then wake up to complete the booklet. It is camp this saturday and I am already exhausted even before it starts.

Alliance warehouse sale

I was looking at my silkygirl juicy fruit brush on lip gloss while sitting in the car pondering to myself, 'should I drop by the place again just to go get more colors?' I will have to admit, the gloss that I have on my hand smells great as compared to some other glosses that I owned. Example are avon's simply pretty collection of lip glosses smells horrible, it was a lesson learned to never buy that range of glosses no matter how pretty the color may look. At the end of the day, you wont be able to see it but you will dread the rest of the day, torturing yourself to ignore the scent on your lips. Beauty is pain but it doesn't have to be that painful with the advanced technology these days.

The question was still rocking back and fourth in my mind while walking the pathway that leads to my college for work. I am in some serious shopping mood and when else is the best time to spend during holiday season with clearance sales everywhere. Not to forget the economic crisis that encourages us to spend more to revive the economic stability. My work ends at 4pm that day, so I said to myself 'Why NOT?'. I have all the reasons to go!

The day before, I went to Alliance cosmetic group clearance with Kaven. It was in shah alam and all I had was the map I tore from the Star Paper. Initially was only me that will be going for the craze, assuming that it will be another advanture for me to find the place even though I believe that I have been there once for the maybeline and loreal clearance sometime ago. I was equally happy to learn that I have another friend wants to tag along to the clearance, even better that she knew how to get there. It didn't took us long before we were surrounded by housewifes, working ladies and young sweet girls, all carrying a basket and sticking their hand into the pile of cosmetics laying on the table just begging to be brought home and be owned. No surprise that there will be male friend or family whom will either join the fun or standing outside the event with their hands crossed close to their chest and tapping their feet all the way, hoping that the next female figure to walk out the gate is their wife/girlfriend.

My routine in a clearance sale is to always give the place a tour before grabbing. Notice and keep and eye of the hot places and I don't waste my time on the items that is not worth my money. I remembered that after the first round, I was stucked at the revlon counter as they were selling their midnight swirl glosses, velvet crushed lipsticks, sugar sugar lip toppings and molten metal liquid eyeshadows at a price of only RM2! My eyes were at the verged of popping as I know that this range of product will usually cost me more than my four hours salary working in the student services. Without a doubt, I grabbed almost every color available for each of the items stated priorly. Except for the molten metal, I only tooked silver as I didn't fancied the bronze and the gold. It is true that the colors of the lip products are rather dark and scary, it may not looked wearable but it is just the appearance that freaks people out. It could be one of the reasons why there are so many left to clear as everyone is afaird to pay that much for something that is not for everyday use. Midnight swirl is actually a lip lustre that only gives a tint of color to you lips, velvet crushed smells like crayon, sugar sugar is just glitter with a little sweet taste and molten metal is liquid shadow that dries upon application that last great throughout the day or night. Some other products that I got was my current new favourite silkygirl juicy fruit gloss in peach delight (2 for RM5) and varnish in lusty lavender and berry plum. I almost chucked in the basket with the nail color english rose but I managed to risist because it was RM5, I don't call that cheap. I trusted my instict that I can find a duped in elianto for less during sale period.

Kaven didn't hold back as well, her basket was filled with all kinds of products. Of course, she's a working adult thus buying products that are slightly more expensive. Unlike me, cheap skate! We walked out with a happy heart and feeling satisfied with the plastic bag on our hands hanging towards the gravity. Talking and chatting away in the car while heading back to college for work.

Coming up post: Talking about the day after Alliance clearance. I did not drop by there again but I headed to Cheras for bonita group and elianto clearance. A random decision as I just found out while looking for the map for Alliance on the internet. provides informations on the latest warehouse sales around malaysia.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wise Chips Launching

Hi, I'm new in town. My name is Shake-a-chips, I was born by Wise Cottage Fries. I'm one of the kind, first in Malaysia. I have 2 flavors in one packet! How cool! Now you can have more with less! Try me, I'm available in many stores out there.

The launching on 2nd December 2009 @ republic sunway.