Monday, November 16, 2009

untitled (now i know what it means)

hey this is just some random update. haha. My title totally doesn't match my content!

As most of you already know, this is a crucial week which involves the matter of life and dead. Okay, no, I am just exaggerating due to the constant back/ shoulder ache that I get quite frequently these days. Sitting in front of the computer 24/7 is exhausting, this is something that I just found out. Well, actually, it is only exhausting for the reasons of not your interest. Even though with the enough sleep, my back still aches. No joke, I am getting more sleep than ever. Why? cause I always weigh my actions between assignments and sleep, I tend to always choose sleep with the forever same excuses 'no mood to do work, sleep at least wake up can do' or 'How to think when I am sleepy'. These excuses even works when I am not in a sleepy mode, sometimes, I still force myself to sleep just so that I do not need to face my assignments. My view point here is that by the end of the 3 years of our degree, we will be have assignmentphobia due to the constant need to complete assignments. Oh oh, maybe we will also be infected with referencingphobia because assignments and referencing are like peanut butter and jam!

My CRR assignments was taking me forever, I've changed my topic 3 times. This is so Gemini attitude, freckle minded. Fine, maybe is just me, I just can't stick to one. My interest change at the speed of lightning. I think blogging is the only thing that I am still interested about for the past few years. *pat on my back* What an acheivement.

You know what I'm gonna be doing after this? Sleep.... nites...

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