Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks Mich + Modem rival

First of all,

Just 2 days ago, Christine and I met up with Michelle for some get-together time and catching up to do.
Then we went over to GM to browse around since it was newly opened. It was such an amazing experience. I was so glad that it opened in klang, items there are pretty cheap and yes, I love cheap stuffs.
Mich was clearing her closet thus giving away her clothes. Good condition and some still new clothes. Christine and I totally tried them on and took quarter of her giving away clothes from her. I got like 2 bags of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes and bags. Like shopping spree without the need of cash!
SO Thanks Mich!
If you realize that streamyx and Wimax is having a huge rival ever since Wimax came up with a campaign 'Potong'. Streamyx totally bombarded Wimax to the max!

Just look at the latest ad on star paper today.

Just few days ago I was telling my friend that I kind of pity Wimax cause they are new and today they come up with this ad. Seriously, streamyx, this is such a childish ad. Trying to bring down the other party with this kind of ads, come on, you can do better! You were once beginner too. These era, the community is too literate to fall for this ad. Yes, you want to be the monopoly of this industry but by trashing the opponent is low even for you. I believe that you can produce a better ad that does not involve your opponent.

Just to make things clear, I am neutral at this. I am not on any sides but I am a streamyx user.

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