Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Retreat in Rawang

Empty reception counter cause during this time we are the only campers. We have the whole place to ourselves!

They played Blonkus game after meeting. I straight went back room to sleep!





Never follow rules! or we must all be under 12 years old.

Guy's Gladiator

Girl's Gladiator

Trying to do Pyramid

Izzit working? haha.

Process of building...

Testing on dodge ball!

Hang On there

Swing baby swing

I'm climbing. Trying...

Huge Campfire place.

One example of the dorm. Got smaller rooms (family package)

Synchronize Jump

Looking Good

Sorry not much description. Assignments due...
Won't be updating often but in 3 weeks time I'll be back to normal!
Love all!

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