Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lemon Juice Quartet

I was just being lame and random by typing -LJQ- to google. Blame it all on the unfocused heart to my assignment, I just woke up from sleep after christine sent me home around this afternoon at 3pm and I still feel weary.

As I was saying, the first thing that you will see is 'Definition-what LJQ stands for?'. Being curious, my finger swifted the cursor towards it and gently tapped on the touch pad to open this web. Woah, if there is a word that can represent my thoughts, it will be 'ASS'. Haha, I mean of all the possible definition, there is only one miserable meaning that is discovered? (not by google, but the web that I've opened)

But I have to say, it doesn't sounds that bad. It just hit me that 'hey, I like lemon and most definitely I like lemon juice too. Quartet resembles music, I like music. So what seems to be the problem?'  I love how things can be such a coincidental at times. The randomness is fun, do things out of the sudden, take the train or drive without knowing where you are heading, catch a movie with friends just because one suddenly blurt out 'I feel like watching movie' over lunch and the next thing you know your plans for the rest of the day changes.

Talking about lemon, I can already feel the extra saliva down my throat. Coconut jelly was fantastic, two thumbs up to my mom's incredible way of ditching the coconut juice that my dad bought which we or at least I, don't really bother to drink it. I am just plain lazy, it happens all the time even after my dad constantly reminding me about it. Funny thing is that it is a hassle to reach out to grab the coconut juice but I am perfectly fine on reaching out for more coke/pepsi (if it is available). My eyes deceives my nerves to respond to coke but not coconut even though coke sounds pretty similar to coconut by just adding the 'nut' behind and maybe by pronouncing it in a very british-ed or englishman slang.

One more assignment to go, one more day and 3 months of excitement to come!

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Cloudland Blue Quartet said...

Lemon Juice Quartet is/was an excellent Israeli/American avant garde jazz quartet - I saw them in a jazz cellar once in Krakow...