Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm in love

In love with myself being lazy.

If I get the chance to just stay home do nothing for a week,
I will be thankful for the opportunity.

Two more weeks,
Life will get better,
but for now,
just bear with it.

Don't get yourself burn out,
constantly heard,
thought it is unpracticed.
By people like me,
freaking stubborn!

I am very happy with my house wireless internet now!
I am very happy to see my PINK EGG mouse sitting on the table just beside my laptop.

I want to get my laptop fixed, it is lagging.
LG phone sucks but it is my lust, for now...
Seriously, many people say I really should own a blackberry since I constantly need to go online to check mail and all that.

Honestly, I am having lots of fun doing my assignments last minute with my friends in the cafe! XD!!! Sometimes you just got to break your own rule and stupid routine.

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