Monday, November 30, 2009

The surpirse.

okay. This is a HUGE news. Most of you will be freaking happy and relief once I've announced it. All my friends know that I do not own a facebook account and I don't plan to get one. I was told many times to just crapping create one but I guess I was just stubborn. Anyway, today is the lucky day or me to finally own one freaking facebook account. I'm sure you all are dying to know who the hell that made me change my mind and finally put this 'weirdo JQ, not having a facebook' to an end.

I once said that if I were to start an account, it must be for business purposes and hell yeah, it is the reason why I finally got my hands on it. The place where I'm kind-of interning gave a short lecture while I met up with them for an event prep, complained 'what is wrong with you, how are you going to succeed in this industry?!' and so on.... 'today, go back, you better start one and have at least 100 people in your list'.

I feel so weird now, having a facebook account. Seriously, feels so freaking wrong! Maybe because I'm new at it. I feel so blur, no idea what am I doing with it.

Find me: Jq Lee

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Berries dilemma ep03

For the first time ever, I'm up on the fourth snooze from my alarm phone. It is 5am, the silence of the dawn always keeps me collected even though I do not usually wake up for it. If I were to feel the silent night, it will only happen when I choose to stay awake throughout the night, when everyone is in bed dreaming away.

The reason why I am up so early is to do the things that I couldn't do during the day as I am busy most of the time while last night, my younger brother was home for a couple of days before going back to the hostel for his SPM. Thus, leaving me to bed early as I couldn't get hold of the laptop like all the other nights.

I had fine dining with Joanne, her housemate and pao the other day. It was nice, we were all struggling to chuck down the incredible beef during main course because we requested for 2 pieces of tender bread before the appetizer. Thanks Lisa and Joanne for the invite! Pictures will be up soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Random collection of pictures from phone

I was on my way to time square sometime ago for media carnival purposes. The whole journey went smoothly until one point, it is around the Indian street if i remembered correctly because it was the eve of Deepavali. We got stuck in traffic for more than an hour. Being bored in the car, I started taking pictures of the environment.

Reaching Time Square with a happy heart.

While I was walking towards my campus, 'mata' was doing their job producing tickets for all the cars along the illegal parking area. There were more but I only manage to take these few pictures as I only decided to take out my phone when I was coming to an end of the road.

Friday, November 20, 2009

communication through generation gap

Since youtube dont allow due to copyright issue.
I have wanted to do this for so long!

Enjoy and do comment below or in the Cbox.


A sigh of relief

Checking my pulse...
It got back to the normal rate.
I'm finally done with my CCS final report. All that is needed now is to print it out and hand in the hard copy.
So tired...
I might be watching 2012 later, not sure if the plan is still on or not.
I think I shall be a good girl and go down to have breakfast with my dad.

Next post: SAMAN!! not mine, don't worry mom.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lemon Juice Quartet

I was just being lame and random by typing -LJQ- to google. Blame it all on the unfocused heart to my assignment, I just woke up from sleep after christine sent me home around this afternoon at 3pm and I still feel weary.

As I was saying, the first thing that you will see is 'Definition-what LJQ stands for?'. Being curious, my finger swifted the cursor towards it and gently tapped on the touch pad to open this web. Woah, if there is a word that can represent my thoughts, it will be 'ASS'. Haha, I mean of all the possible definition, there is only one miserable meaning that is discovered? (not by google, but the web that I've opened)

But I have to say, it doesn't sounds that bad. It just hit me that 'hey, I like lemon and most definitely I like lemon juice too. Quartet resembles music, I like music. So what seems to be the problem?'  I love how things can be such a coincidental at times. The randomness is fun, do things out of the sudden, take the train or drive without knowing where you are heading, catch a movie with friends just because one suddenly blurt out 'I feel like watching movie' over lunch and the next thing you know your plans for the rest of the day changes.

Talking about lemon, I can already feel the extra saliva down my throat. Coconut jelly was fantastic, two thumbs up to my mom's incredible way of ditching the coconut juice that my dad bought which we or at least I, don't really bother to drink it. I am just plain lazy, it happens all the time even after my dad constantly reminding me about it. Funny thing is that it is a hassle to reach out to grab the coconut juice but I am perfectly fine on reaching out for more coke/pepsi (if it is available). My eyes deceives my nerves to respond to coke but not coconut even though coke sounds pretty similar to coconut by just adding the 'nut' behind and maybe by pronouncing it in a very british-ed or englishman slang.

One more assignment to go, one more day and 3 months of excitement to come!

Monday, November 16, 2009

untitled (now i know what it means)

hey this is just some random update. haha. My title totally doesn't match my content!

As most of you already know, this is a crucial week which involves the matter of life and dead. Okay, no, I am just exaggerating due to the constant back/ shoulder ache that I get quite frequently these days. Sitting in front of the computer 24/7 is exhausting, this is something that I just found out. Well, actually, it is only exhausting for the reasons of not your interest. Even though with the enough sleep, my back still aches. No joke, I am getting more sleep than ever. Why? cause I always weigh my actions between assignments and sleep, I tend to always choose sleep with the forever same excuses 'no mood to do work, sleep at least wake up can do' or 'How to think when I am sleepy'. These excuses even works when I am not in a sleepy mode, sometimes, I still force myself to sleep just so that I do not need to face my assignments. My view point here is that by the end of the 3 years of our degree, we will be have assignmentphobia due to the constant need to complete assignments. Oh oh, maybe we will also be infected with referencingphobia because assignments and referencing are like peanut butter and jam!

My CRR assignments was taking me forever, I've changed my topic 3 times. This is so Gemini attitude, freckle minded. Fine, maybe is just me, I just can't stick to one. My interest change at the speed of lightning. I think blogging is the only thing that I am still interested about for the past few years. *pat on my back* What an acheivement.

You know what I'm gonna be doing after this? Sleep.... nites...

Berries dilemma ep02

hey hey,
second episode is out.

Exciting! Though still prefer the 1st episode but maybe cause I was reading on my assignment due date. Which is today, finally assigned both my assignments. I will be handing in the hard copy tomorrow. Arghhh, back ache back ache.

Chill JQ, one more week..... they you will be seeing me updating this blog frequently.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Berries dilemma ep01

Since the story is so funny, I decided to keep updated on this Berry Family Drama. Well, that is if the writer constantly update it. Credits to Amirul!

A prior warning: You may not understand what or who is the writer referring to or even giving the look of 'what the crap are you talking about!' but it does not matter cause it is a total fiction, nothing is true in there. Just a bunch of Mass comm students getting together and have fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks Mich + Modem rival

First of all,

Just 2 days ago, Christine and I met up with Michelle for some get-together time and catching up to do.
Then we went over to GM to browse around since it was newly opened. It was such an amazing experience. I was so glad that it opened in klang, items there are pretty cheap and yes, I love cheap stuffs.
Mich was clearing her closet thus giving away her clothes. Good condition and some still new clothes. Christine and I totally tried them on and took quarter of her giving away clothes from her. I got like 2 bags of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes and bags. Like shopping spree without the need of cash!
SO Thanks Mich!
If you realize that streamyx and Wimax is having a huge rival ever since Wimax came up with a campaign 'Potong'. Streamyx totally bombarded Wimax to the max!

Just look at the latest ad on star paper today.

Just few days ago I was telling my friend that I kind of pity Wimax cause they are new and today they come up with this ad. Seriously, streamyx, this is such a childish ad. Trying to bring down the other party with this kind of ads, come on, you can do better! You were once beginner too. These era, the community is too literate to fall for this ad. Yes, you want to be the monopoly of this industry but by trashing the opponent is low even for you. I believe that you can produce a better ad that does not involve your opponent.

Just to make things clear, I am neutral at this. I am not on any sides but I am a streamyx user.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm in love

In love with myself being lazy.

If I get the chance to just stay home do nothing for a week,
I will be thankful for the opportunity.

Two more weeks,
Life will get better,
but for now,
just bear with it.

Don't get yourself burn out,
constantly heard,
thought it is unpracticed.
By people like me,
freaking stubborn!

I am very happy with my house wireless internet now!
I am very happy to see my PINK EGG mouse sitting on the table just beside my laptop.

I want to get my laptop fixed, it is lagging.
LG phone sucks but it is my lust, for now...
Seriously, many people say I really should own a blackberry since I constantly need to go online to check mail and all that.

Honestly, I am having lots of fun doing my assignments last minute with my friends in the cafe! XD!!! Sometimes you just got to break your own rule and stupid routine.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally got my hands on...


I have been wanting this for so long! I finally got the chance to experience it. I love it, just keeps getting better. I haven't completely explored everything yet, busy with assignments. I will once I'm free from the torture of completing reports, essay, and other important stuff.

I do love to get the original version but it is a bit costly as I'm a bit broke right now. It would be nice to get it as a Christmas present....*hint hint*. I would love to have this collector's edition just because for the obvious reasons of the oh-so-one-of-the-kind pendrive! Some of you may know that I am a huge SIMS FAN even though I hardly have the time to play with it. I have the whole collection of SIMS 1 and Half collection of SIMS 2. (half cause I'm so incredibly lousy in high-tech installation method, I gave up on trying to install those super 'susah' and 'mafan' needs of installation procedures). I can play till I forget time! That Addictive!

Uploading my CRR Video, do comment and critique. I need to improve in my production skill (which is total zero!). Hope that it will speak to you in some ways.

twitter (nialjq)
'I tweet, I don't Facebook'
ps: *Haiyo, cut what cut?! Cut d become so slow. B4 that internet very fast one okay. Who ask you to go and simply cut cut cut.* Listen to the latest radio advert, very smart for countering the opponent. (I'm not standing on any sides, no matter what, Internet here in Malaysia is still consider slow. Or else youtube loading will be freaking fast!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Retreat in Rawang

Empty reception counter cause during this time we are the only campers. We have the whole place to ourselves!

They played Blonkus game after meeting. I straight went back room to sleep!





Never follow rules! or we must all be under 12 years old.

Guy's Gladiator

Girl's Gladiator

Trying to do Pyramid

Izzit working? haha.

Process of building...

Testing on dodge ball!

Hang On there

Swing baby swing

I'm climbing. Trying...

Huge Campfire place.

One example of the dorm. Got smaller rooms (family package)

Synchronize Jump

Looking Good

Sorry not much description. Assignments due...
Won't be updating often but in 3 weeks time I'll be back to normal!
Love all!