Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Heylo people. This is just some random update.

My internet connection is back but have a setting problem with the router. Thus, only one user at a time can use the internet and we have to go back old school by connecting it manually. SAD, I'm not IT literate.

CRR class postponed to tomorrow 12-2pm. Damn sad lo, I was hoping to just go and get over with it. I wish I had taken my house keys so I will be home now. Of course then I will be skipping CF, blessing in disguise.

I'm constantly sleepy and hungry these days. I haven't been sleeping well but I'm eating non-stop. Is not that I don't want to sleep, no choice, have to do assignments.

So many secrets to keep right now. I don't want to judge or stand sides so I prefer to stay away, mind my own business and not even talk about it even though sometimes I have the urge to gossip about it!

Happy belated one day Mr Winston! For those who don't know, his BD was yesterday.

Obsess with twitter and the music overdose. Loving covered heels, seems so professional. Going back to nail polishes and start using them again, realised that I used to love metallic, shimmery polishes. I'm into matte, glossy polishes now. Oh, perfumes too! Collecting them.

Indian food is nice. Don't understand why my parents are not into it. They prefer durian.

Pictures of the leaders retreat will be up soon. FUN!

Hungry, I'm gonna go eat tosai now.

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Wins said...

thanks for the wishes, jq.