Sunday, October 4, 2009

update after so long...

I woke up in the morning feeling a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulder. Media carnival is over, my life is starting all over again. Hmm, not really because I still have to complete my CRR assignment that is over due, EC script that was suppose to be completed today with my group members at Tropicana Mall but canceled due to some reasons. Not to mention that it is due tomorrow. Also, PR assignments and EC Essay all due in 2 weeks time.

Though, it's not really over for me because of all the stock counting, sending back clothes to the vendor and who knows maybe post-mortem. Better remember to claim back my money, I'm broke. Bank account only left RM4, damn sad.

So what if we didn't meet the amount? So what if it wasn't a success? We all learned something at the end. I will have to say it was certainly fun working with people I never knew or worked with, an experience that I always love. Without media carnival, I wouldn't have known most of the committee or even get to know other lecturers that had never taught me before.

It was fun getting your makeup and hair done by professionals. Last minute modeling for Lah Lah Land (vintage) clothes. Last minute got to change Emcee script. Last minute emcee for lucky draw. Though, I lurve to emcee.

Remembered yesterday after VIP photo session, announcing that 'those who want to get their pictures taken with allan wu, please come on stage.' Suddenly, huge bunch of girls coming up the stage like running towards gold.

I haven't been updating lately due to Media Carnival. Wanted to do a post on media carnival also no time. Stress giler. I was just so tired everyday, the past one week was the worst. Even my friends can tell I'm at my verge of sending funeral invitation cards!

Thanks for reading my blog! I don't have pictures of the event cause my camera bettery died. Shall get it from Raffi or Andre or whoever that has.

<3 to all!

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