Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you Jia sheng

We went Shogun for dinner. Some Expensive Japanese buffet restaurant in Pyramid which I personally will never go in if not because of this gathering. Being not so much of a food lover, the place was pretty pricey. Ok fine, very pricey, haha. Original price was RM58++ per pax, lucky got promotion 30% discount, it comes to RM46.70 per pax. All these not including tax and service charge yet.

Serene and I was blessed to have the guy here to treat us! TQ TQ TQ so much.

Also, for the first time ever, I get to try out on cake decoration. It was extreamly fun but was a disaster. Hahaha. The cake was so ugly!

Tadaa.... so ugly right! Rm 23 for some no creative weird looking cake decorated by JQ, justify la the money. Want to try? Go breadstory and ask the counter.

Thank you serene and jia sheng, I had fun eating and chatting and learning about programming.
Thanks Jia for the Food again.
Happy Belated BD to both of you again.

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