Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Update. Miss blogging loads.

I'm so glad that today is over, I can't believe I've actually completed my CRR assignment. Of course, that cause me to skip PR class and going for the afternoon session of EC class. Mr. Ben sure question me d one. He damn nice, I think just yesterday, he sms me and say 'great job emceeing. By the way, I've posted up some notes and tutorial questions.' It makes me wonder, what is his main reason of sms me? To encourage me or telling me to go study notes? Haha.

Of all the phones, I still lurve my LG clampshell. Also, I'm really into those tank tops with nice detailing around the neck area. Forever21 have loads of those but you all know that I don't shop at there. Will have to go back to Time Square when I've save enough money to shop again. I realize that I get sleepy very easily. That is bad, means less time in a day.

I just emailed Mr winston that I'm doing presentation on how to DIY french manicure! bahaha. will be fun! who wants to be my model? I need to lend nails! If your in my class for ccs and want to be apart of JQ's nail modelling agency. Comment below or let me know through my C box on the left. Wah, I damn tak tahu malu. hahahaha. I will bring all my nail varnish and do free manicure (paint nails, fingers only, no toes pls). The whole class sure smell like nail varnish, everybody will inhale the bad gas... bahahaha. OMGosh, i'm getting excited!

Will never run out of her pictures!


Samantha Chow said...

i want free manicure! but must be cantik2, tau?

JQLeeJQ said...

haha, can can, but hor, if you can come to my class during my presentation or after that.