Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Heylo people. This is just some random update.

My internet connection is back but have a setting problem with the router. Thus, only one user at a time can use the internet and we have to go back old school by connecting it manually. SAD, I'm not IT literate.

CRR class postponed to tomorrow 12-2pm. Damn sad lo, I was hoping to just go and get over with it. I wish I had taken my house keys so I will be home now. Of course then I will be skipping CF, blessing in disguise.

I'm constantly sleepy and hungry these days. I haven't been sleeping well but I'm eating non-stop. Is not that I don't want to sleep, no choice, have to do assignments.

So many secrets to keep right now. I don't want to judge or stand sides so I prefer to stay away, mind my own business and not even talk about it even though sometimes I have the urge to gossip about it!

Happy belated one day Mr Winston! For those who don't know, his BD was yesterday.

Obsess with twitter and the music overdose. Loving covered heels, seems so professional. Going back to nail polishes and start using them again, realised that I used to love metallic, shimmery polishes. I'm into matte, glossy polishes now. Oh, perfumes too! Collecting them.

Indian food is nice. Don't understand why my parents are not into it. They prefer durian.

Pictures of the leaders retreat will be up soon. FUN!

Hungry, I'm gonna go eat tosai now.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thursday - Internet crash. Can't do anything till at least 1 week.
Friday - New laptop crash. All my things gone.

Even my home DVD player is going against me. I bought movie to watch, can't play at any cd player I have. When return the CD, it can play at the shop's player.

How am I going to complete my 3 assignments that is due next week?

I'm God's personal joke, He is freaking testing me all at the same time. You know what Devil, I'm not going to curse or get angry. I'm going to find solutions with God's grace. Even if I have to wait for others to on their wireless their wireless then only I can do my work.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you Jia sheng

We went Shogun for dinner. Some Expensive Japanese buffet restaurant in Pyramid which I personally will never go in if not because of this gathering. Being not so much of a food lover, the place was pretty pricey. Ok fine, very pricey, haha. Original price was RM58++ per pax, lucky got promotion 30% discount, it comes to RM46.70 per pax. All these not including tax and service charge yet.

Serene and I was blessed to have the guy here to treat us! TQ TQ TQ so much.

Also, for the first time ever, I get to try out on cake decoration. It was extreamly fun but was a disaster. Hahaha. The cake was so ugly!

Tadaa.... so ugly right! Rm 23 for some no creative weird looking cake decorated by JQ, justify la the money. Want to try? Go breadstory and ask the counter.

Thank you serene and jia sheng, I had fun eating and chatting and learning about programming.
Thanks Jia for the Food again.
Happy Belated BD to both of you again.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long Great day.

Picture driven post. Enjoy.


Day Time: Netball at some country club in Bukit Jalil.

Second! Yippee, Hurray!!!
I'm still recovering from sunburn and bruises.

Afternoon and Night Time: TSB Concert. Emceeing.

Emcee partner, Jerome from TCHT. Damn tall right him.


Serene, Me, Heidy, Heidy's Gf (San)

Long day, from a lousy netball player by day to a weird looking red face emcee by night.

It is nothing but a rush!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The other JQ...

Happy birthday Joanne Choo Jun Qi!

Wahaha, 19 d! not 18+. No more excuse.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

quick update.

Happy birthday SEAN!

Also, I din get into the 15 finalist for 3R. hehe, its okay, I'll try others!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Update. Miss blogging loads.

I'm so glad that today is over, I can't believe I've actually completed my CRR assignment. Of course, that cause me to skip PR class and going for the afternoon session of EC class. Mr. Ben sure question me d one. He damn nice, I think just yesterday, he sms me and say 'great job emceeing. By the way, I've posted up some notes and tutorial questions.' It makes me wonder, what is his main reason of sms me? To encourage me or telling me to go study notes? Haha.

Of all the phones, I still lurve my LG clampshell. Also, I'm really into those tank tops with nice detailing around the neck area. Forever21 have loads of those but you all know that I don't shop at there. Will have to go back to Time Square when I've save enough money to shop again. I realize that I get sleepy very easily. That is bad, means less time in a day.

I just emailed Mr winston that I'm doing presentation on how to DIY french manicure! bahaha. will be fun! who wants to be my model? I need to lend nails! If your in my class for ccs and want to be apart of JQ's nail modelling agency. Comment below or let me know through my C box on the left. Wah, I damn tak tahu malu. hahahaha. I will bring all my nail varnish and do free manicure (paint nails, fingers only, no toes pls). The whole class sure smell like nail varnish, everybody will inhale the bad gas... bahahaha. OMGosh, i'm getting excited!

Will never run out of her pictures!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

update after so long...

I woke up in the morning feeling a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulder. Media carnival is over, my life is starting all over again. Hmm, not really because I still have to complete my CRR assignment that is over due, EC script that was suppose to be completed today with my group members at Tropicana Mall but canceled due to some reasons. Not to mention that it is due tomorrow. Also, PR assignments and EC Essay all due in 2 weeks time.

Though, it's not really over for me because of all the stock counting, sending back clothes to the vendor and who knows maybe post-mortem. Better remember to claim back my money, I'm broke. Bank account only left RM4, damn sad.

So what if we didn't meet the amount? So what if it wasn't a success? We all learned something at the end. I will have to say it was certainly fun working with people I never knew or worked with, an experience that I always love. Without media carnival, I wouldn't have known most of the committee or even get to know other lecturers that had never taught me before.

It was fun getting your makeup and hair done by professionals. Last minute modeling for Lah Lah Land (vintage) clothes. Last minute got to change Emcee script. Last minute emcee for lucky draw. Though, I lurve to emcee.

Remembered yesterday after VIP photo session, announcing that 'those who want to get their pictures taken with allan wu, please come on stage.' Suddenly, huge bunch of girls coming up the stage like running towards gold.

I haven't been updating lately due to Media Carnival. Wanted to do a post on media carnival also no time. Stress giler. I was just so tired everyday, the past one week was the worst. Even my friends can tell I'm at my verge of sending funeral invitation cards!

Thanks for reading my blog! I don't have pictures of the event cause my camera bettery died. Shall get it from Raffi or Andre or whoever that has.

<3 to all!