Monday, September 14, 2009

'Who is Playing you?' Gamer


It has a really great starting! Those lurve CS, Half life and shooting games, nice show for you but warning, it might be a bit boring when it comes to the story part. Every movie needs to have a storyline, so just bear with it cause it's not that bad. Loads of Blood, body burst to pieces, shooting, and slight 18sx movie. Very worth watching in cinema for the sound system.


The storyline is about real people playing real shooting game with full control over real people as the character in the game 'Slayer'. So means, if a slayer dies, it is a real man dying. Usually the slayers are prisoners, in exchange for freedom after surviving 30 games. Before Slayer, Castle, the creator, there's another game called 'Society'. Same concept of real people controlling another real human mind but with more like 'the sims' game feel instead of killing and shooting.


After watching this movie, I felt really bad for playing games like 'the sims' or CS with the rest only can use knife while I have the privilege to use a gun. Haha, I know I'm being paranoid or freaking out too much cause those are just games and Gamer is just a movie. It is just the guilty feeling that took over my mind. Though, this does not mean that I am going to stop playing my favourite game in the world, 'SIMS'! I guess is the satisfaction of being able to control a character and to do things that you cannot do in real life. It is like bringing out the other side of you.

Surprisingly, I had time for a movie today.XD! PR class was cancelled cause the other group was way behind and I am in a movie marathon mood this 2 weeks. I do not feel like going back so soon cause it is like a waste of travelling money neither do I want to waste time hanging around college doing nothing. I had watched at least 5 different movies in 4 days. It is a record for me! Wait, there is more to come! Tomorrow I may have the time to watch Final destination and 5 fingers, not watching in cinema. Wednesday, we will be watching Ugly truth and Thursday is Karaoke day since HTC and I have free vouchers. I've forgotten how fun it is to just be a college student and not needed to think about work or meetings every 5 minutes.

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