Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The UglyTruth

ugly_truth_posters by Cine Fanatico.

I feel that this movie is just like a typical girl looking for Mr.Perfect but the guy that she hates so much ended up being the one helping her to get the targeted guy, then it always ends with the them both getting together. Nothing special really. It may be true that guys only think about sex while female are more brainy like having a list and all but it doesn''t mean that female must give sex to get love. It is bullshit when people say that if he does not want to have sex with you, he does not love you/not interested in you. I rather stay single than having the need to put up to them whining of not being able to have sex, you won't die for not having sex.

'...but don't you trust me? I have been loyal to you for (number of days/weeks/months/years), isn't that enough?' Arrghhh just shut up! Can't wait till marriage is it? At least there is a commitment there.

I like the movie in the sense that it is funny but the content, so-so. Not much of a fan.