Saturday, September 12, 2009

They have done it again


Not many know about 'Bring it On' sequel. I have been following their movies ever since I was a cheerleader in secondary school.

Their first 'Bring it on' was released in the year 2000.
Just a simple storyline of two squads competing against each other in a Cheer Competition.
Because of the wild responds to the movie, they have to come up with a sequel.

In 2004, 'Bring it On Again' was released.

Plot of having two teams to compete is quite similar but this time is a competition for the best team to represent the school for state championship.

Then in August 8, 2006, 'Bring it On: All or nothing' came out.

A familiar face? Yes, it is Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. Maybe that is why she got the part of being Heroes little cute cheerleader, except with special powers. Storyline changed by having the main actress to move to another state because her dad lost his job. Bring her from an elite school to a high school that needs security check at the main entrance due to the wild students.

The fourth sequel is 'Bring it on: In it to win it', released in the year 2007.

It was a blast when I first watched it. Seriously, I've watched it like a hundred times. It was funny at the same time with great dance moves. It was about two squads from the same Cheer Camp that hated each other ended up needing to combine their squads to compete with the other Cheer Camp squads to win the Cheer Camps Championship. Very different storyline that spiced up everything.

This year, 2009, they are proud to bring 'Bring it On: Fight to the finish'

This time they brought in a little celebrity endorsement with Christina Milian playing the lead actress. As always there's a bitch in the house that I will always loved, played by Rachele Smith. The different thing about this movie is that the lead now is forced to move from a small town to living large in Malibu when her mom married a rich white guy. Cool stuff and definitely worth watching.

Every sequel is different in their own unique ways but same concept of competition, cat fights and and cute guys. If you realize, it has become a current trend to not use blonde girls as the bad 'thinks that she's all that' girl. Dark hair girls now is given chance to play the bom chica. I lurve their bom chica in the 2nd sequel, 4th sequel and the 5th.

2nd: Bree Turner (she was blonde in the movie)
Bree Turner Premiere of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

4th: Cassie Scerbo
Cassie Scerbo On the set of Bring it on 4

5th: Rachele Smith

Their music beat is getting faster every sequel and their routine is definitly tougher too, just to keep up with the modern world. Clothes? Of course getting skimpier every time, go figure.

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