Friday, September 11, 2009

Listening to songs.....

Done with CCS Journal 1. Happy.
Yesterday doing CCS together with a bunch of them was fun. Happy.
Last night, dinner at William's (Shop name), big, nice and not cheap. Happy.
Before going back, bought movies shared among friends. Happy.

We had a long road trip last nigh just to get to William's. Crazy people includes: Aaron, christine, imran, sean, amirul. BIG ROUND! Singing aloud with the windows down while it was Red light to the other car! Fun. Wai yik, Zach and Boon joined for dinner.

Laughing at UNISA Names, tanam (aaron) tanqki (Kit) Amrah (Amirul), I forgot christine's one but also damn funny.

Mei's chip's more and kuih pulut still with me. bahaha. KS 360's alarm not working as well as the games. Gonna bring them to the shop. Bought plastics cups for Izz.

Leaving house at 11am. Listening to chase coy songs, dreamy.... Repeat and repeat and repeat!

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