Saturday, September 5, 2009

LG 360


Hehehe, I'm getting this phone soon!!

Buying over from serene at a very reasonable price. She wanted to just give it to me but not nice le. So buy over with a price that you can't get else where! Heart!

I lurve my Clamp shell LG Wine but LG 360 with the price she's offering is a STEAL!

I know, LG sucks to some of you but I lurve the designs! Is true LG spoils easily, must take care like it's your baby la. I know I torture my phones, is bad.

I keep flipping my phone open and close X100 times just to continue snooze my alarm. hahahaha. That's why needed to send to the HP clinic.

Thanks serene! She's definitely having fun with her new samsung touch!

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