Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just too much to handle..

I had everything ready in my pendrive for me to print my assignments,
but no.........
I had to put it into my pencil case and stupid enough to not bring them along.
Lucky I brought my laptop, thinking that I can still go online and place it in my gmail since i don't have a pendrive to transfer for printing,
but no.........
I xcess failed on me this morning.
Thank God, A friend was there and was kind enough to lend me her pendrive. Once transferred to taylor's computer, amended my mistakes and finally click print! Just as I thought everything was fine again.
As prior stated, I forgot my pencil case. I need a stapler!
I went to the programme office to try my luck as sometimes they do have stapler tied to the counter.
but no.......
Of all times, it wasn't there and is a definite no-no to ask for one as they are not a stationery shop. I know that I can't go up to the lecturer's office to lend one, it will spoil my image.
My best idea was to go all the way down to the student services, the only place that I know I could borrow one stapler for one little staple.
I hate to bring my laptop along everywhere cause I have to bring it along EVERYWHERE I go, so inconvenient.
I wished that there were lockers prepared for each student without any cost. Like how you see in western movies.
Went down to the student services, surprise to see it's empty as they were all in Subang for some briefing according to Farah.
Thankfully, it reminds me to check with the accounts for my receipt which the EPF did finally came in after waiting for a long time.
Quickly stapled my assignment and walked all the way back to the lecturer office with all my stuffs.
Praise God that once I got there, Miss Cat was just on her way to the office, or else there would be no one to let me in as all lecturers were out.
Slipped the sheet under Miss Nat room, sigh in relieve.

I can't find week 7 reading for CCS. Stupid! There's only vol 5 available.
Stupid college Internet connection slow, can't send my minutes to my advisers and committees.
Already had plans for tomorrow after class to go Monash with serene, to visit a friend who is in need of some crazy people.
But no.....
suddenly received an emergency email for an emergency meeting tomorrow at 3.30pm.
I was supposed to meet up with Ammar and Jordache to clean up the proposal at 12pm.
but no.......
Got an instruction to hold all changes.
The whole day was so See-tu-Pid...

Then, I had to meet up with sis Rita for a chat in church. It went alright. Came home around 5pm++. I was already dead tired due to lack of sleep. Had some rest in front of the TV, out with my mom to night market. Bubble tea Koko, yummm. Had early dinner, up to room, go to bed at 8PM. I can't take it already, way too tired.