Monday, September 7, 2009

I <3 you Chase Coy!

I heart your music!!
I heart you too!

It was Dear Juliet that I found the songs in my phone. I was immediately attracted to his songs, remember having 3 tracks in there and listening to all of them, having a hard time choosing which to pick as my ring tone and my alarm tone. I believe I got this song from my brother's music list.

I begin searching for the songs in youtube. Found much information from there that leads me to only Chase Coy songs. Well, his songs were formally known as Dear Juliet. Man, my heart melts seeing his cute face and hearing his wonderful music.
You have to believe it that he is only 17 years old! I don't mind dating him even though he is my brother's age! Bahahahaha.

Go to his my space and hear his songs for free.

I almost wanted to open a Facebook account just to be a fan!

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