Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haeundae Tsunami 2009


A tsunami movie produced by the Koreans. Specially focusing on the location Haeundae, a place where I have never heard of before nor knowing where is it. According to some review, it is located on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula, it seems like it is the international city of Busan. Hmm, sounds interesting but I don't understand. Whatever... knowing where is not important. What is important to know is that Haeundae is a popular vacation beach spot.

I was taken by surprise that this movie is not just about how the tsunami came about and struck the people but it does also tell stories about a few different individuals' lives before and after the tsunami , just to have a movie feel and when loved ones sacrifice themselves, it makes the movie even more heartbreaking. The arousal of emotions is there for the females to weep while the males to feel the tingle behind their eyes. They had some funny scenes that I really did not expect them to be added because my assumption for this movie from the start was only sad, sad and SAD! Thinking that it will be a movie where you will only see people cry because people die.


It is a really fun and great movie to watch. It helped me feel for those whom had actually experienced the real tsunami in the year 2004. That time I just took the incident lightly, never really bother because I thought that as long as you can swim it is enough for you to survive the wave. This movie proves me wrong and opened my eyes, informing me that the waves are huge and strong even the strongest swimmer may not be able to fight the current of the water. It was terrifying enough to watch how much sea water was sucked back before the tsunami came but making matter worst when electricity comes into the picture and electrocutes everyone in the water. There is so much of tension and drama, I just really adore this movie. It also gives me this vibe of appreciating the people around you, your family, relatives, friends and etc.

Haeundae2.jpg image by hallyuwood

Something really worth your money watching though I have to warn you that some part may look a bit fake but nothing was as fake as Final Destination that was just filled with whole pile of wrong. 5 fingers (movie) was like unfinished. So, don't want to review about them.

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