Friday, September 11, 2009

Dance flick

Dance Flick Poster
Quite disappointing I have to say.
It was just okay.
Lucky I did not go to the cinema for this show or it would have been a waste of my money.
I've expected it to be hilarious that I will actually laugh my heads off. Even when I'm in the library, it should have killed me for not laughing.
It is not funny enough. It makes me feel like I would rather watch the actual shows instead.
Maybe the tough part of making this movie is that there is not much of variety of humor they could play around cause most of the things have to be related to dance of musical.
There are not much of movies that they can extract or add into this movie.
It is quite true that audience that don't watch dance shows will not understand hell of this movie. Especially when they insert the movie names in to the script, like honey, bring it on, stomp the yard, step up and etc. High school musical become musical high school, Troy boltan (zac efron) is GAY! I love that part the most! The guy in dance flick that plays troy (called jack in the movie) is so good in his part! Do not be confused, there's no scene from 'Another Cinderella story' (Selena Gomez dance movie). They have a little concept from 'You've got served' and the obvious hair spray character is the bigger size girl. Mostly the story line is from 'Save the last dance for me'. I am actually pretty happy about the fact that they could actually find a main actress that have similar features to the main actress from 'save the last dance for me', 'step up' and 'twilight'. Honestly, adding twilight at the end is just an extra, maybe just to add length to the movie. Freaking short, only an hour half. I am a girl that laughs easily, just like pushing a laugh button. Not like my elder brother that doesn't have a sense of humour, it takes pure genius to make him laugh.

Overall, it is just not funny enough for me. Movies like this is just a waste of money to spend in the cinema.

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