Friday, September 25, 2009

Bukit cahaya with CF

I had a really fun day. It has been a while since I did outdoor activities. My first outing with CF members. I'm lazy now, there will be more pictures than words but picture means a thousand words right! Enjoy.

Benny trying to figure out how to set his NEW camera in self-timing mode! Haha, put this first cause it's a laugh. It's a group picture after visiting a cold 'Country'. We all posing so long but he is still figuring out where the setting is.

Checking out the maps

Oh, we got attacked by monkeys...

Random long road.

Me and Jade on the bus after long walk.

Hello! Smile.

Paddy equipments

Paddy behind me.

Finally, I saw cocoa tress and beans!

another random long road.

Hey christina with teoh and peter in the back

Most of them there! CF-ers

did you know I went into 4 season garden?!

a picture before we go in.


me and sok li
Taylor's alumni.

It's autumn! how pretty right the scenery!
Like I'm really in some ang mo country! enjoying autumn!

love the background!

OmGosh! That is it! I am migrating to some 4 season country!

Some where there, it's like a huge container containing a different world.

Da gals!

Hey lilian! on the right most.

Klang fella! Jolyn.

Camwhore in a group.

Max, Julia and Kenneth.

I forgot, did I mention that it was cold in there? Which I lurve! till our fingers felt numb!


Dina and me.

Funk face. candid.


smile 2.

the guys.

The guys 2.

The guys 3. candid.

all the media-sss trying to take a good picture of the models on the other side.

When is our next outing?? Can't wait!

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