Friday, September 25, 2009

Bukit cahaya with CF

I had a really fun day. It has been a while since I did outdoor activities. My first outing with CF members. I'm lazy now, there will be more pictures than words but picture means a thousand words right! Enjoy.

Benny trying to figure out how to set his NEW camera in self-timing mode! Haha, put this first cause it's a laugh. It's a group picture after visiting a cold 'Country'. We all posing so long but he is still figuring out where the setting is.

Checking out the maps

Oh, we got attacked by monkeys...

Random long road.

Me and Jade on the bus after long walk.

Hello! Smile.

Paddy equipments

Paddy behind me.

Finally, I saw cocoa tress and beans!

another random long road.

Hey christina with teoh and peter in the back

Most of them there! CF-ers

did you know I went into 4 season garden?!

a picture before we go in.


me and sok li
Taylor's alumni.

It's autumn! how pretty right the scenery!
Like I'm really in some ang mo country! enjoying autumn!

love the background!

OmGosh! That is it! I am migrating to some 4 season country!

Some where there, it's like a huge container containing a different world.

Da gals!

Hey lilian! on the right most.

Klang fella! Jolyn.

Camwhore in a group.

Max, Julia and Kenneth.

I forgot, did I mention that it was cold in there? Which I lurve! till our fingers felt numb!


Dina and me.

Funk face. candid.


smile 2.

the guys.

The guys 2.

The guys 3. candid.

all the media-sss trying to take a good picture of the models on the other side.

When is our next outing?? Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

driving during raya.

Last Saturday, I had an outing with Cindy Chow to Bangsar and Time square and I have to say it was really fun because our main purpose of going out was to find vendors for the upcoming Media Carnival on the 3rd October 2009, check it out on my sidebar for the blog if you have no idea what is it about. Anyway, I went to fetch her at 11am then we just drove without knowing how and where to go. I know, I'm doing the 'I don't know how to go' road trip again! and honestly, it was one of the best and worst driving experience in KL I ever had. There was the super duper jam for an hour at one spot and another was the fun drive on the empty road experience. I think it was my first time driving around KL area and was having a hard time looking for time square, we were looking for Jalan Imbi but Malaysia signs are a pain, almost none of the signs written Jalan Imbi and funny part was when we stopped and ask a lady at a petrol station, she showed us the way to Capsquare! WHAT IS CAPSQUARE? I don't want to go there?! We ended up just using our sense of direction, turning into places like chow kit road and actually a lot of places, I just can't remember. I can specifically remember chow kit road was of course firstly, it's CHOW KIT ROAD! Famous for transsexuals and sexual activities. Second was that since I was driving, I paid attention to the road while Cindy caught a glimpse on a group of transsexual people. I was like ' Where? Where?! I want to see!'. One thing is that Thank God that we accidentally passed by that place during the day so it is less scary when the sun is up, remembering during my last semester in Foundation, my group almost wanted to do a social documentary on transsexual people and was suppose to go to chow kit road. Thank God we ended up doing something safer in Cameron.

My story is going everywhere. Hah, so unorganized!

At the beginning we were undecided but we somehow ended up in Bangsar first. Went in to Bangsar village and walked around that area. Fashion boutiques there are so freaking expensive even when they have sales on. It was something new for me though, it was nice to finally see those blogshop's actual shop. One thing I hate was that we have to climb for almost every shop, most of them are on the second floor. Smart me almost wanted to wear heels. If you all don't know, my current obsession are heels and clothes. I still lurve cosmetics but the thing is that I am on a tight budget cause I haven't been working for quite sometime. I don't really shop anymore until recently, haven't been shopping for almost a month or two. A huge accomplishment!

I have wanted to go Time Square for a very long time and when I was there, I feel like I'm in heaven! For a cheapskate shopaholic like me, OMGosh, clothes there was like Rm10, 15, 20 and 25! Cindy and I were like 'I'm gonna faint soon, catch me.' But she did not get much stuff cause she's going to Phuket soon (she is in Phuket now I think) and things there are bloody cheap and fabulous. Not like me, going no where but stay home do assignments, so I grab what I can. Even a jazz hat that I've been wanting for sometime, it only cost me rm 18! Hey, I know it sounded like we do more shopping than looking for vendors but we were still doing our job that time too okay. We also went over to Sungai Wang, I think but is not the electronic stuffs, just correct me when I'm wrong, I'm bad at names. Now I know if I want anymore hair extensions, get it there! Also, it was raining and we walked under the rain just to save parking fee so that we don't have to claim so much from the tight budget of the event.

Definitely, I am going back to time square again! It is on my list! Maybe after another month or two. Bahaha.. It's 3.30 in the morning and I'm still wide awake, I'm like an insomniac but the only difference is that if I want to sleep, I have no problem. I can literally just sleep at any position, even upside down of a single sitted sofa chair. It is hard for me to wake up after I sleep cause I just don't like waking up, if I have nothing that motivates me to wake up, trust me, I will not wake up and going on and on with my snooze. I know is bad. Latest Issue of CLEO is out, the October issue. Damn fast right, it is only 21st of the month. hah!

Thanks Imran for the Open house! Had fun! Sorry sean for the last minute invite, we forgot! Thanks christine for driving!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haeundae Tsunami 2009


A tsunami movie produced by the Koreans. Specially focusing on the location Haeundae, a place where I have never heard of before nor knowing where is it. According to some review, it is located on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula, it seems like it is the international city of Busan. Hmm, sounds interesting but I don't understand. Whatever... knowing where is not important. What is important to know is that Haeundae is a popular vacation beach spot.

I was taken by surprise that this movie is not just about how the tsunami came about and struck the people but it does also tell stories about a few different individuals' lives before and after the tsunami , just to have a movie feel and when loved ones sacrifice themselves, it makes the movie even more heartbreaking. The arousal of emotions is there for the females to weep while the males to feel the tingle behind their eyes. They had some funny scenes that I really did not expect them to be added because my assumption for this movie from the start was only sad, sad and SAD! Thinking that it will be a movie where you will only see people cry because people die.


It is a really fun and great movie to watch. It helped me feel for those whom had actually experienced the real tsunami in the year 2004. That time I just took the incident lightly, never really bother because I thought that as long as you can swim it is enough for you to survive the wave. This movie proves me wrong and opened my eyes, informing me that the waves are huge and strong even the strongest swimmer may not be able to fight the current of the water. It was terrifying enough to watch how much sea water was sucked back before the tsunami came but making matter worst when electricity comes into the picture and electrocutes everyone in the water. There is so much of tension and drama, I just really adore this movie. It also gives me this vibe of appreciating the people around you, your family, relatives, friends and etc.

Haeundae2.jpg image by hallyuwood

Something really worth your money watching though I have to warn you that some part may look a bit fake but nothing was as fake as Final Destination that was just filled with whole pile of wrong. 5 fingers (movie) was like unfinished. So, don't want to review about them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The UglyTruth

ugly_truth_posters by Cine Fanatico.

I feel that this movie is just like a typical girl looking for Mr.Perfect but the guy that she hates so much ended up being the one helping her to get the targeted guy, then it always ends with the them both getting together. Nothing special really. It may be true that guys only think about sex while female are more brainy like having a list and all but it doesn''t mean that female must give sex to get love. It is bullshit when people say that if he does not want to have sex with you, he does not love you/not interested in you. I rather stay single than having the need to put up to them whining of not being able to have sex, you won't die for not having sex.

'...but don't you trust me? I have been loyal to you for (number of days/weeks/months/years), isn't that enough?' Arrghhh just shut up! Can't wait till marriage is it? At least there is a commitment there.

I like the movie in the sense that it is funny but the content, so-so. Not much of a fan.

Monday, September 14, 2009

'Who is Playing you?' Gamer


It has a really great starting! Those lurve CS, Half life and shooting games, nice show for you but warning, it might be a bit boring when it comes to the story part. Every movie needs to have a storyline, so just bear with it cause it's not that bad. Loads of Blood, body burst to pieces, shooting, and slight 18sx movie. Very worth watching in cinema for the sound system.


The storyline is about real people playing real shooting game with full control over real people as the character in the game 'Slayer'. So means, if a slayer dies, it is a real man dying. Usually the slayers are prisoners, in exchange for freedom after surviving 30 games. Before Slayer, Castle, the creator, there's another game called 'Society'. Same concept of real people controlling another real human mind but with more like 'the sims' game feel instead of killing and shooting.


After watching this movie, I felt really bad for playing games like 'the sims' or CS with the rest only can use knife while I have the privilege to use a gun. Haha, I know I'm being paranoid or freaking out too much cause those are just games and Gamer is just a movie. It is just the guilty feeling that took over my mind. Though, this does not mean that I am going to stop playing my favourite game in the world, 'SIMS'! I guess is the satisfaction of being able to control a character and to do things that you cannot do in real life. It is like bringing out the other side of you.

Surprisingly, I had time for a movie today.XD! PR class was cancelled cause the other group was way behind and I am in a movie marathon mood this 2 weeks. I do not feel like going back so soon cause it is like a waste of travelling money neither do I want to waste time hanging around college doing nothing. I had watched at least 5 different movies in 4 days. It is a record for me! Wait, there is more to come! Tomorrow I may have the time to watch Final destination and 5 fingers, not watching in cinema. Wednesday, we will be watching Ugly truth and Thursday is Karaoke day since HTC and I have free vouchers. I've forgotten how fun it is to just be a college student and not needed to think about work or meetings every 5 minutes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

They have done it again


Not many know about 'Bring it On' sequel. I have been following their movies ever since I was a cheerleader in secondary school.

Their first 'Bring it on' was released in the year 2000.
Just a simple storyline of two squads competing against each other in a Cheer Competition.
Because of the wild responds to the movie, they have to come up with a sequel.

In 2004, 'Bring it On Again' was released.

Plot of having two teams to compete is quite similar but this time is a competition for the best team to represent the school for state championship.

Then in August 8, 2006, 'Bring it On: All or nothing' came out.

A familiar face? Yes, it is Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. Maybe that is why she got the part of being Heroes little cute cheerleader, except with special powers. Storyline changed by having the main actress to move to another state because her dad lost his job. Bring her from an elite school to a high school that needs security check at the main entrance due to the wild students.

The fourth sequel is 'Bring it on: In it to win it', released in the year 2007.

It was a blast when I first watched it. Seriously, I've watched it like a hundred times. It was funny at the same time with great dance moves. It was about two squads from the same Cheer Camp that hated each other ended up needing to combine their squads to compete with the other Cheer Camp squads to win the Cheer Camps Championship. Very different storyline that spiced up everything.

This year, 2009, they are proud to bring 'Bring it On: Fight to the finish'

This time they brought in a little celebrity endorsement with Christina Milian playing the lead actress. As always there's a bitch in the house that I will always loved, played by Rachele Smith. The different thing about this movie is that the lead now is forced to move from a small town to living large in Malibu when her mom married a rich white guy. Cool stuff and definitely worth watching.

Every sequel is different in their own unique ways but same concept of competition, cat fights and and cute guys. If you realize, it has become a current trend to not use blonde girls as the bad 'thinks that she's all that' girl. Dark hair girls now is given chance to play the bom chica. I lurve their bom chica in the 2nd sequel, 4th sequel and the 5th.

2nd: Bree Turner (she was blonde in the movie)
Bree Turner Premiere of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

4th: Cassie Scerbo
Cassie Scerbo On the set of Bring it on 4

5th: Rachele Smith

Their music beat is getting faster every sequel and their routine is definitly tougher too, just to keep up with the modern world. Clothes? Of course getting skimpier every time, go figure.