Tuesday, August 25, 2009

After some time..

This is not me. Where was I? Gone for so long....

I'm just ass busy the whole time, and I'm so tired all the time.

Thankfully and finally, Taylor's pushed forward our midterm break to this week due to the H1N1 disease. I was so glad that I have the week off from class because I'm already at the verge off letting everything go and give up. I have no more energy in me to keep up with my life.

My recent CRR assignment was the worst case ever. I was never a student that did my assignment on the due date itself. Due time was 9pm, Monday and I did my work at 2pm in computer lab. I sat there for 3 whole hours just to complete my summary. I know 3 hours is long butI don't work fast. That was also the night before I woke up at 4am to read the article at Joanne's place. Pity her cause I on the light while she was sleeping. (Thanks so much Joanne for letting me stay over, I love U!) That also I can't send my assignment cause I don't know my username and password for UNISA. I went back home and sent at 8pm++ Malaysia time.

I seriously Thanked God that I completed on time! Hopefully is good enough to get awesome grade for that summary.

I'm really slacking but I know I have learn so much from work, mosiacmedia and class. I'm not even done with my CCS assignments while many of my friends had done theirs. Even though I feel like dying all the time, I'm actually really enjoying my life.

I went for a Food Bank Programme at PJ Grace Community center last Sunday. I was quite reluctant to go at the last minute because of my CRR assignment. Though, I'm glad that I went for it anyway. It was a real eye-opening programme and I was surprise at the number of homeless/poor people came to get those food. They are willing to receive help and those people are from all kind of races, Malay, Indian, Chinese and etc. I never know how it felt to actually serve food to the homeless/poor people. I watch it on movies and it was actually quite fun, especially when you have friends with you. The best part was that I did not drive to that place, I took public transport. I realise if you take LRT, you can travel around KL area with ease. It was a fun experienced since I'm only stuck to KTM all the time.

Chao, work tomorrow.

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