Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka, do you feel it?

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Shouted 7 times in the year 1957 and also all those years after that.

When I was in primary and secondary school, the feel of our Independence day will always get to me especially during the week before the big day. We were taught to be excited and be appreciative of this special day. There were activities that keep us excited and alive for this day. Malaysia's flag drawing competition, Merdeka essay competition, Patriotism week and etc. We are all made to believe that this day is especially important to us. Does this date, 31st August, mean the world to you?

Those who were born after the Independence day may not truly understand what it means to be Independent and here we are, all trying to GET OUT of Malaysia. It became so insignificant because we celebrate this special day annually. It became a habit or a ritual celebration that we all take lightly. It makes us feel that it is alright to miss this year's celebration because there's always next year. I'm just one person, it doesn't make a difference. Do remember, you may be one but you are also one of them that makes a country.

I stopped feeling the Merdeka vibe after I left school and started college. Merdeka eve has become a day of spending time with friends and family. Doing count down is for the fun sake, not of the remembrance. After all, what can we Children of Malaysia that were born after the Independence date remember?

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