Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm still a child..

Milk Box Dinosaur Mouth
Damn Cute right the box. Hahaha.. I lurve collecting notebooks, papers to write notes....

Also by the way, I'm down with sore throat. Not fun at all. Haven't chosen any character to play yet but it's due tomorrow. Not fun at all. Assignments need to be done. Not fun at all. Being an old-going-to young adult stage, not fun at all. Worrying about H1N1, not fun at all. That is why I say I need more holidays to destress. Those who say that only short break is good so that you won't lose the momentum is just plain stupid! That is not my lifestyle! That kind of lifestyle is for people who have nothing else better to do with their life, people who just sit at home and do nothing.

Seriously, don't complain being bored when you are having your holidays/break. Appreciate that time of rest or find something to do. Get a hobby! Try cross stitch like my sister, it takes up a lot of your time to complete one picture. Take up short courses or how about reading? Public library is always there. No money? Get a job. No place wants to hire you, take the step to go around and look for a change instead of wanting them come to you.

I know, I have chosen my lifestyle to be busy and sometimes can be very discouraging for me. I complain too but I accept my own choice. Currently, I am sick and I am slacking at almost everything. The main factor is the stupid short 2 weeks break! You Think All That A Student Do Is To Just Study? Ass la... That is our main priority not our only priority.

Last week was not a good week for me. Everything just went wrong for me. Just when I thought something good is happening, it twisted. Blame the art safari people. Still, I have to put a smile on my face, no matter how horrible my day has been.

My friend say: 'eh, I can't wait to see you get angry la. You never seem to get really angry before.'

Now I think about it, I'm guessing that is because I have too many things on my mind and getting angry is just going to get more stupid small things that I have created big into my mind. Getting angry is not going to solve my problems, I've got bigger problems to solve and is not by getting angry.

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