Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heart Swift

I just love her videos and her songs.
She looks good in black hair too.
How cute right?
Maybe I should try going blonde? Haha.. no way.. Just kidding!
Not gonna spoil my hair. How about getting a wig?
Sounds fun?
This is so damn weird, I'm talking to myself.. again. I do that all the time, so stupid right.

Oh yeah, this is seriously becoming a serious matter....

Another friend of mine recently got into a break up!
Ah meh Gosh, I know! This season is soooo jinx!
People that I know all starting to break up. It's horrible...
If i'm not mistaken, it's a 4 years relationship. Woah..
I have no idea how to help her at all, I have no idea what should or should not say.
Relationship thing is so tricky. There's no right or wrong answer. It's a pain in the ass, it's a headache. At least it is to me, I know that I'm not ready for this kind of stress. I prefer a hundred times of pure stress from work than a BGR problem.
Yeah, erm... BGR... Don't waste my time. Is not my time yet.

I know some of you already have a partner and is happy like you are the luckiest person in the world,

I am really genuinely happy for you.
I salute that you guys know how to work things out and keep everything together despite your differences. It's great to see all of you guys happily together and so sweet and all that. It's good that you have trust and faith in each other and also balancing a healthy relationship with your own life cause your partner might mean the world to you but you are still a person and yeah, you have a life too.
Honestly, good job and good luck to you all!

Next up Song: Fifteen!

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