Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cute soap+ Bebo + FLOCK!

First of all, I have been meaning to blog about this like forever. Why? Because these soap are just so darn cute! I just copied 2 of the pictures due to some obvious reasons that I am lazy. How pretty right?

I got to know about these beauties from an email by a friend. Not sure who is it but if you are reading this, TQ!

This would really be a nice little gift for your friend for no particular reason or maybe just an appreciation gift but definitely not a birthday present. Unless you've got a hamper of it. I'm not trying to indirectly say that 'you better don't get this as my BD present' because my BD is long over and is way long till my next. If it's your friend that you knew for quite sometime, one of these things is just not appropriate.

I know, I should be saying that we all should appreciate even just that little wishes on tweet or blog or FB (if you have one). Seriously, I do appreciate each wishes and gifts that I had gotten for my past 19 years, it is the thought that counts. What I am trying to say here is that unless he/she wanted it or you are not that close with him/her, you should be able to do better than this. A handmade card maybe? There are more efforts involve or.... record you singing happy birthday song and email it to him/her. Damn funny right?

I have always loved Aisha's cards. What makes it even more special is that she'll write a long love letter to you at the back of the card. Haha, exaggerating much! Is meaningful and sweet and can be used as bookmarks. Honestly, with these things people tend to lose it, I know I do! Sorry Aisha, haha, But now you know I love your cards.

An example of her Christmas card to me.
Sorry it's blur cause it's my web cam not my awesome camera.
NEXT: Get ready for a total new obsession!

but I think there's someone better to explain the 'awesome-ness' of FLOCK!
Check out Jordache's Blog:
He is an awesome writer and he reviews many great things that I personally don't care about (no offence) but I still read them for fun.

I think the only thing about flock, they miss out the part when they can automatically know that there is a link when we paste that line somewhere. Now I have to do it manually every single time when I have a link to share with my friends. It doesn't really bother me though.

Also, Flock gives me a a feel like I am using a Mac computer because they look so similar but flock is way better!

Pictures below are actually about Bebo, I like it but I am not crazy about it. I am not going to say that is like facebook because I am not a FB user, hopefully I will never need to have a FB account. Bebo is just like another networking site where you have your friends getting connected and all. They do have games like from FB, pet society, make a baby and etc which are super cute (especially make a baby) but I got bored after creating them because I don't intend to go back and check on them everyday. So consider them dead. I know, it is so horrible of me right.

I would say that I think, maybe the only difference about Bebo from other networking sites is that they have this 'my lifestory' feature. It allows you to do a short quick post up about what you have been doing or what you are going to do on this specific date with a picture on it for illustration. Also it will update by itself for your recent photo uploads and all. Seriously, I don't really see the point of it, maybe for now or maybe is because I don't have any friends on Bebo except for Chai Kinn Pong (even that he just created the account for fun, He never update.). I always felt reluctant to want to upload any pictures due to the limit is only 2MB and most of my pictures exceed that size. Knowing me, I'm just too lazy to take the trouble to resize the pictures. So yeah, I can proudly say that I don't use this feature so far.

If I don't use their special feature, then what do I use it for? I mean like 'duh!!' better delete that account right?
I am more into their 'whiteboard' and the 'lifestream' feature. 'Lifestream' is connected to your other networking sites like twitter or FB. So for me, everytime I update my Tweets, it updates there as well. While 'whiteboard' on the other hand, is like a whiteboard! It is for you to draw or write and do whatever you want with it. Then post it up for others to see. So far, the fun part for me is that Bebo has became a place for me to post things up and it is for my eyes only. Hahaha, damn stupid right! It's supposed to be a networking site where you mingle and jingle with all your friends but NOT FOR ME (yet).

Really, I am really enjoying it because I do not have to worry about what I am posting on that day. I have had experience when I just felt like posting something lovey or emo that is not even related to me and people will then ask me 'hey, are you okay?, why so emo? and so far, the best feedback of all times! Is from my mom! Recently, I've been posting a lot about relationship stuffs related to that topic plus I have been out a lot recently and usually back home around 8 or 9 at night. So she was like 'You must tell me you know if you are going out with a guy'. Hahaha. (I am writing this because I know she will be reading this soon). So, mom, you will be glad to hear that I was not dating anybody when I said I am going to church. I don't use church name for other reasons, it's a big time SIN. I am going to church simply because of my belief. Sometimes, there will be fellowship-ing with church members, it is just bonding time and also a time for us to pray as a group, so don't worry.

Crap, this post is getting long. I spent 2 hours on this..

One more before I stop writing, Bebo also have this chat feature (if you can see the small black square thing on the lower right of the picture above). I am guessing that it is something like AIM thing as those who already have an AIM account can just log in with that present AIM account.

Alright, I'm done. Off to bed. Tomorrow, first day of class! Oh, and today's seminar/talk about tattoos and body piercing was an eye opener. All kinds of weird things. **Nyer**

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