Friday, August 14, 2009



I believe I need this...

I'm In this....

How about getting this too?....

I'm almost well but laughed too much yesterday while hanging out with my classmates. I'm back to square one with sore throat.

Class was cancelled at the very last minute, I was happy cause I'm just not in the mood for class. So after eating we all went to Izz place, like always, it has become our hangout spot. (fine, maybe not mine cause I'm always not there to hang with you guys.) Played a few games..

Game of life
Izz and I
Sean and Serene
Imran and Mei
Kit and Christine

Izz and I played the game fast, unexpectedly. Completed the game while the rest are still behind trying to sue people. Damn funny. Christine as usual, being so fertile, filled her car up with kids. Pity Kit was in position of shock but can't do anything. Sean and serene started off poor but gain profit further down the road with two cars! Imran and Mei, the gay couple, can't seem to spin a big number. Aaron was happy being banker, felt so wanted right?

Kit and Serene
Sean and Christine
Amirul and I (never started, never end)

Kit and serene started the game, never ending.. so Amirul and I went down to the shop and got something with Imran tagging along. I needed water but forgot and I needed strepsil which I've gotten at the cheapest price I could get. Amirul and Imran got ice-cream. By the time we went up, the game ended. Haha.

Damn wrong man, I whole day did nothing but played and laughed. The one day that I spent my time happily bonding. The one day that I need not think about work/meetings/datelines.
I'm too lazy to reach out to my camera to show you how funny Aaron was with his big expressions.

How am I going to do EC with my condition?

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