Saturday, August 1, 2009

another failed


Jang jang jang!!!

Just found out that another friend broke up a few months ago. I was freaking surprised and shocked. Seriously, it was jaw dropping for me! My jaw may even hit the floor!

I always thought that they were like the perfect couple that will last till marriage. They were together for freaking ass long years man. Suddenly another friend of mine dropped the bombshell just now, telling me that they were off a few months ago.

It is really sad to hear about all these cases. I keep asking this question, how many more times do you need to break up to find the right one?

It always starts well, we will say 'they are very sweet together, they are perfect for each other, cutest couple ever and the list goes on'. Flaws at this time are invisible, you tend to oversee them as they are covered by the honeymoon season illusion mist.

Then, when vinegar arrives..... things turns sour. Sometimes, the relationship had been exposed with too much vinegar that cause huge fights and misunderstandings. Lie, cheat and hate appears out of a sudden. Flaws become significant and obvious. Habits that were cute become annoying. Sweet becomes bitter.

According to Social Psychology, most relationships end with dissolution when problem arises. The Worst is when one side is no longer committed to the relationship.

Maybe we should all be forced to read this kind of book before getting into a relationship. Maybe a license for relationship, a series of tests to see whether are you ready or not. Hahaha, stupid, sure everyone will start cursing me!

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