Saturday, July 11, 2009


Was awaken by the sound of the constructions behind a place I call home. It wasn't just a typical Saturday, it's the first after last foundation exam paper day. I am still in denial that this day is here, the day that most of us (my classmates and I) are waiting for. The day after exam or the moment we step out of the hall with smiles on our faces and our minds felt lighter than ever. This is not the end but we are a step closer to the end! Even though there's another 3 more years for most of us. Doesn't really matter, as long as we are happy now.

The sound of the construction is still going on, wondering when will the sound pollution stop? My elder brother is clearly ignoring me due to my constant rubbish-talk every time I drop an IM on MSN to him. I never really know what is AIM, I was really attracted ever since I have watched the movie Clique. That is where my passion on wanting to learn how to use Mac PC, it just seem so cool! Everything is just so white, I wouldn't say it is clean though because those in my college were not anywhere near clean but weren't really dirty as well. Maybe it is somewhere in between. I mean seriously, one time, the PC that I was using looked really unflattering and I took out my wipes to clean them. My mom will laugh at me right now if I tell her this because my room is in a mess and I am a lazy girl at home. If she could categorize me, I will be in the messy, lazy girl category. I guess at home, I could depend on her that's why.

Twitter is growing! I remember starting of feeling so lonely.... Guess what? My twit now is constantly being spammed by my friends

GTG, Church....

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