Wednesday, July 22, 2009

two days out

These two days outing was fun. Tuesday was with my sis and today was with my sis and bro. Its a long time I haven't been to MidValley and 1U, all became so unfamiliar to me. Actually, it always have been an alien to me. I'm getting used to Pyramid very much due to the close distance of my college.

Had some serious chocolate indulgent on Tuesday at ZEN (secret recipe). Two small cakes made two girls really full but I got really hungry once I got home for dinner. Today was at some cafe that had pretty interior/exterior settings, ordered green curry seafood noodles, sizzling BBQ thing and curry mee. Food was nice. Went for a movie after that, watched Ice Age 3, a movie that I never thought that I would watch. It was funny thought and it was in 3D.

Thanks Sis for the outing, she paid.

I am in serious financial problem, I am so broke to the point that I have to stop, rewind and start being thrifty. I admit that I spend alot these days due to the sales, it was so tempting and it is still darn tempting! Yes, I am here to announce that I am a Shopaholic. Like WH is having a super great deal on clothings, I totally didn't even try them on. I am so broke till I have lost the mood to shop.

Just heard on radio that this girl was like emo-ing because her parents cut her allowance. You haven't hear the best part yet, she used to get like RM1500 but now she will only get Rm1000. Stupid and annoying right?! My sis was like 'WAT' too. I only get Rm300 per month and she's there making noise about her allowance. I have to work to pay for my crap. I will be super duper happy if my parents give me RM1000 for my allowance monthly.

I never buy clothes from these high end, branded boutique. Eg: Forever 21, Elle, Gap, Roxy, and etc. Everytime I walked past by those shops, I will start wondering and the statement of 'if only I have the money.','if only I am rich' and blah blah blah will play over and over again just like a tape recorder. I know, I sound like a spoiled brat here. I am happy with what I have now, it is just sometimes you can't help pondering about stuffs that you never really get to do but you want to. I guess this is what pushed me hard for my future.

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