Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you Michelle Lau WC!!

She is back! From travelling to Angmo countries! Which I was darn jealous! I know everybody knows that....

She bought all of us gifts.

Guess what I've got? She knows I love mints, she got licorice mints for me because the box was very nice. I tried one today, haha, licorice turns out to be not-that-tasty. I always thought it was sweet. It smelled like those chinese medicine shop and mich says that it taste like those chinese diarrheoa pills (po chai yun). Which is true! No matter what I am gonna finish it.... someday! It from SWISS!

I can't believe she went to sephora! In PARIS! I think she got me a kind of cute small bar soap from there. Wait, are you sure it's soap? Or is it the bar thing that you throw in your bath tub? What is effervescent bath cube? I will find out... soon.

And I believe there's something from LONDON. Let me check..... it's copper and gold hairband. Cute!

Sorry that my blog these days are picture-less. Just total lazy-ness that hits me.

Today went Karaoke with the usuals and a movie after that. Stomach filled with popcorn, the whole story was dumb. Amirul and I didn't know that Aaron and Christine bought popcorn combo for us, so no surprise that we ended up eating 2 large buckets of popcorn and 2 medium size soda each throughout the whole Harry Potter movie. For the first time ever, I visited the toilet during movie time. Also, I wasn't paying attention to the movie at all, I was laughing and laughing and keep on telling Amirul that I am sleepy half way through the movie. SORRY MIRUL.. kacau your movie time.

So.. stupid. I should just stay off next time...haha.. blur right..

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