Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Damn.... I just saw one of my friend's blog and found out that he just recently broke up with his girlfriend. His blog post was darn romantic, I too felt emo for him after reading it. He even wrote a song for her. I was like 'o my gosh... this is just so sad'.

After exiting his blog, I said to myself 'This is why relationships freak me out because I hate the break ups.' I am telling you, this season is like the breaking up season for me because I see many people breaking up.

I was just talking about it with Mirul when we're on our way to the post office in Pyramid. He was saying that 'it kind of doesn't really matter who you are dating these days because you know that most likely it's going to end'. Then I said 'Then what is the point of getting together in the first place?'. I don't want something that is just for the short term memories because every person that you declare Gf/Bf will always remain in some part of you even after you break up. It's like 2 pieces of paper glued together, once dry, you pull them apart, each paper will leave residue to the other paper. Is not as simple as you get in and you get out.

Some people are just looking for the 'one'. Is not bad, is good but take your time. Don't rush please, I've seen too many sad endings. Seriously, it's hurting me more than it hurts you.

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