Friday, July 17, 2009


Got badly burned on the 1st day itself. We were so excited and played in the HOt HOT sun!
2nd night...
If your realise there's lots of serene's picture, just ignore (hahaha). She always camwhore with my camera. (most of you know that).
We went snorkling, morning trip and afternoon trip. Fun. More pictures will be posted up one i got a hold of the CD. We rent underwater camera.
Second day evening was beautiful, although it rain after that. You can see the sky was divided into two shades.

Written: Shelly.
If you can see. By Imran.

Jun Yeu and Jia Sheng
Met them on the 1st day, on the boat. We hang out on their last night.
Really nice guys. We played 'tai di' the whole night.
A night to remember cause is rare to meet people on holiday and get to hang with them.
3rd day
Relax day..
We spent most of our time by the beach minding our own business. Laying by the beach was awesome, one of my wishes came through. I finally get to just do nothing and smell the ocean while the waves hits the shore. The water that day was quite calm though.
A real escape from my busy schedule. I didn't read my mail for 4 days! Nothing bothered me other than just fun! I needed it, badly.

I was tired back there.. sleeping..


Hair done by Serene..

Hair done by Serene

Hair done by serene
Don't ask Why??!!
We all Mangsa of serene's newly opened redang salon.
I was the pity one, my hair got stuck to the comb once and twice to the hair dryer!
Sakit Giler!!
Izz and Amirul was laughing.
Last day..

I wore spec cause i wan to sleep in the bus!

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