Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am B-A-C-K

It feels so good to have completed my exam. This will be my last time taking exams because for my degree, it will all be assignment based. Pretty excited for degree even though I got a lot of my seniors saying that it is super tough. I'm having 2 weeks break right now, I will try to enjoy as much as possible. I usually don't have the time to actually enjoy my holidays because of work and all. Recently, I'm in the committee for a Media Carnival event coming up soon. Meeting almost every week. Just like today, immediately after exam got to rush to the library for meeting. We really need sponsors since Taylors cut the funding for some crappy deal signed with Alan Wu. We need to re-plan all our agenda and ideas, wasted our time before this brainstorming but didn't get the support by them.

I will be going Redang next week. Actually this Sunday la, leaving evening, the bus is at night. I can't wait! Thank God for the exams, much guidance had been attained by Him. I was really stressed up and tension because I really need to score higher than my previous semester. I really want to know the break down of the results as well.

Today was awesome. La la jian! Yumm yumm, full like mad! I got so much to blog before this but I totally couldn't remember now. Suppose to go dinner, fine dining with Nick but I had some other plans, pity him, asked me twice d. Both also I can't make it due to studies and other plans.

I can't seem to find out why, I prefer not to have music on while I am online checking out blogs, twit, mail etc. I only like music as supplementary in the car while I am driving. I hardly turn on music with my laptop even though I will get the latest music that I love. I really do not know how people could study with music on, it is so distracting and un-focus. It's bad enough that my concentration span towards studying is so short, it will make me even more off-focus. I might end up going crazy, sing-a-long session or dance to the music. Also, I can never sleep with music on. So far, I don't think I have ever successfully fallen asleep with the music on, not even light music. I like music but I don't think I love music. Intensity difference. Singing yes, I love singing. So is dancing, I love to dance.

Sleepy.. Nites