Sunday, July 26, 2009


Barley + Honey = Barleny

Wah, damn lame man....
I'm coming up with all kinds of stupid names for no reasons.
Though, non-sweet barley with pure honey taste great. They are so meant to be together!
Due to the weather, my mom has been boiling barley drink almost everyday. Once it is running out, she'll start boiling. She does not add sugar, thus, the slight sweetness only comes from the winter melon stick. It is healthier that way but sometimes I have sweet tooth, so my dad told me to add honey that we got from my aunt who stays in Malacca.

I was blog hopping just a second ago and I found something really hilarious and it is so true. In western countries, they categorize Asians into Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay and etc. The main point here is that when they see that you are a Chinese, you must be from the country China. If you are a Malay, then you come from the country Malaysia. That blogpost makes me laugh, is so cute. I'm not saying that ang mo shouldn't discriminate us like that, it's not their fault for not knowing. If u were them, I will think that way too. I mean it is so easy to say that Chinese are from China while Malays are from Malaysia, who knows maybe they will say that Indians are from India?

My youtube channel is so dead, I am trying to save money now. Even my younger brother is richer than me. Youth Alive board is sucking the life out of me, used my service hours to do the collage work. It's alot of work and still have loads of work to do. I better call people up to help after prayer meeting next saturday.

My sims3 is not working with me. I can't install, followed instructions and everything. Don't care la, i gave up this evening. I am so tired of trying, sometimes you just got to give up hoping and find another alternative. It may cost you more but the rewards may be greater in return. Wah... I feel so social psychology-ish. What crap, just for a few pieces of CD plate.
Living in the past is a bad thing, people should just move on. So live your life!

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