Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unexpected shopping day

Damn, was suppose to go pyramid for certain reasons only but the smart 3 charlies angel ended go round shopping for all sorts of things. We spent the whole afternoon there!

I bought myself a pair of new shoe, some nail polishes, road tax stikers, hair extension, and sticker for Touch and GO card! When you see me, pls ask me to fling my touch and go card out, I show you the design that I picked. You'll be surprise!

Also, very important, Clarin's customer service is bad! As in really bad, the girl expression like wasn't really want to treat me like a customer just because I was wearing and carrying my bags and files like a student. Whatever! It is the pyramid branch, if can please avoid going there.

Coffee Bean newly opened in Pyramid was nice. Tried Mocha, a bit bitter at the beginning but after a while, once the ice started to melt, it taste not bad.

Izzuddin is in some high class hospital in KL. Hope he'll be alright.

Sleepy and planning to go to sleep now, screw research paper. Econs also just don't care at all. Leave it for tomorrow....

Newz of the day:
  • Shopping!!
  • Ass Broke!!
  • No petrol!!
  • I need cash!!

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