Saturday, June 6, 2009

Standout Event

One Invite and the only person that I have to bring is my Brother. I know, that is soooo sad.
The Party was awesome! There were 1000 bottles of new designed tiger beers for 300 guests to drink. People were just literally kept taking one bottle after another. What the hack! It's free after all! Of course, not surprising, people like me is just a waste going to this event cause beer is not my cup of tea. Haha.

Oh, also, my parents have to sent me there.... Laugh all you want, they are super duper protective.

We push off at 6pm, thinking that we would get lost and all but turns out that we reach there at 6.30pm! I'm extremely early, I'm the 1st on the early bird wall of fame.

Look at him! So cute! Seriously, when it's a costume party, they really go all out!

Met Michelle, Brenden and Hui lin. Also, met Samantha Chow there.
Totally took this from Samantha's Blog.

See how awkward it is to bring my brother along to this event. Take picture also like so weird. hahaha.

Brenden, Me, Michelle and Hui lin.

Surprise to meet so many Taylorians there! My brother, Me, Michelle,Brenden, Hui lin, Candice, & Sam.

The doctor's name is Joyce.

Doctor and me brother.

People that I don't know.....

Awww... Free Hugs.....

Yeah man, this is awesome.

Jojo & Liang emcee.

The scissor hand guy won the most standout in the party, he won a XBOX!!

Susan Boyle is Kenny sia!

Another famous blogger that I don't know.... I feel so crap, call myself a blogger but I don't know any of them!

Yeah! I manage to take a Picture with Jojo! I should go for this kind of party more often.

Nuffnang dolar. Can't even buy anything cause everytime want to put a price, others already exceeded our limit. hahaha. Feel so stupid.

It just so fun. My first time to these kind of events. Hahaha. Of course, if you don't put an effort to join in the fun or to be a part to the event, then of course you will feel left out. So, it's up to you whether you want to enjoy the party or not.

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Samantha Chow said...

wow so efficient la u so fast blog. eh u want our pics then add me on msn or fb i send to u! :D