Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prince Court Hotel??

Nope, it is Prince Court Medical Center! Go google up, looks just like a hotel more than a hospital to me. Went there to visit a friend who was hospitalized for some particular reasons. The best part is that they have hand sanitizers all over the building. It's so fun and cool!

Want a new laptop with built in web cam. Stoked finally found a new female presenter! Don't worry, is not me, hahaha, is one of my friend.

Stand out.. please pick me to win that Laptop... I really want it. Then my mom can have a second hand laptop as well cause hers is like crap. What to do, hers is from school. Its extreamely lousy! Slow poke like mad, online pun susah, see her so pity.

Cliod, College life in one day event for communication is tomorrow. So sad, going to skip econs class. I want to skip Media Appreciation class! Not econs!

My nails are horrible now cause i picked on them! The stars on my nails are giving me sharp edges.

Go sleep now...... Tired....

We miss Izzuddin so much!! Izzat is so cute. hahahahaha. Just an honest opinion...

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