Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I did 2 presentations in one day. I thought econ's presentation is tomorrow, so I let myself loose a little. Crap am so wrong, both my 19th person to present is today. Thank God for my friends to remind me on Monday. Glad it is over. Hope I did well for both of my presentations. I really need to improve on my presentation skills, feel so crap, I have problem pronouncing words. My mouth tends to entangle and stuck causing my words to sound less accurate. Hmm, maybe I should do pronunciation practices like 'Red letter Yellow letter' and 'Seashell Seashell thing'.

STOP eating kuaci JQ, face is popping up with pimples. You are getting fatter everywhere, you don't realize because you only focus on your stomach!


Frank (Francesco) S. Adamo said...

First, have faith in yourself. You are a very special person who has talents you may not even know you have--but God does. I truly believe that we are here for a purpose and there is a reason for whatever we go through in life.

I have a hereditary speech impediment (a very high-arched palate which makes it difficult to articulate well). Yet, I teach and give presentations on effective presentation skills. In fact, I'm setting up an online webinar course on becoming comfortable when speaking in public and another webinar course on presentation skills.

A couple of suggestions. First, slow down when giving a presentation. First, many will naturally speed up their talk when they are a bit uncomfortable. It's okay to slow down. I can't speak fast, otherwise I tend to mumble; and so, I have to be very conscious to slow down and articulate the best I can.

Second, focus on the audience and your message. By focusing on the audience, you will become more comfortable and you will slow down naturally.

One other thought. Most of us present when giving presentations. That seems logical, but what you want to do is to converse with the audience. By conversing, you feel comfortable, the audience is engaged and they feel comfortable.

I also always suggest to join Toastmasters (, click on Find, and enter your zip code for a list of clubs in your area). This is a great organization to improve your skills in presenting.

One final thought. I can't help you with reducing pimples, but I suggest that if you (or anyone else) is a bit nervous in giving presentations, do not eat before speaking. One of the things that happens when one is fearful, the body shuts down the digestion system to prepare to fight or flight from the danger (perceived or real).

Though I am comfortable in speaking, I tend to eat after I present or eat minimally before speaking.

Most importantly, just remember to follow God's plan he has for you and you will be amazed by what will happen.

Take care and God bless.

JQLeeJQ said...

thanks for the advise. I also tend to go out of focus during presentation, i will talk out of topic for no reason. I will end up talk non related stuffs that makes me lose track of time. what do u suggest that i can do? I have done preparation before hand.

Frank (Francesco) S. Adamo said...

What I advise my attendees is to write their speech. We don't write the speech to read it or to memorize it, but to refine the speech, remove the clutter and organize the structure of the speech.

1. I also suggest to write the speech starting with the conclusion and asking what is the purpose of the speech and what you want the audience to do. Once you have the conclusion, you can fill in the details to support the conclusion. Finally, you want to add an attention getting opening.

After you do this, you want to practice, practice, and practice some more until it's part of you, i.e. you feel comfortable with your presentation. This may sound like memorization, but it's not. There's a major difference between memorizing the speech and knowing the speech. When we memorize a speech, we remember the speech word for word, but when we know the speech, we understand the concept of the speech. We may miss a word or change a phrase or two when giving a speech, but the concept of the speech is the same.

2.I don't know if you have a set of notes, but perhaps you can have an outline (in big fonts so you can simply glance down to review where to go next) to keep you on track.

3. If you have practiced the presentation and you focus on the conclusion (i.e. what do you want to give the audience) while you are presenting, you will reduce the tendency to be sidetracked.

4. Again, join Toastmasters. We have Table Topics at each meeting. This is where we think on our feet. We are asked a question and we need to answer the question in 1 to 2 minutes. It's an impromptu mini-speech. This is where we learn to focus on the topic (the question). This will help you to stay focus on your presentation.

5. You can also order my book, "31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter," through online bookstores or my site at

But, I really encourage you to join Toastmasters. This is the laboratory of communications.

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