Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ Passed away

Twittered by Ruth ' the legendary MJ is dead?'
I keep wondering 'who is MJ?'

Today at Aeon, someone said 'Micheal Jackson is dead'. My eyes widen..... Big shock and a flash back of the sentence twittered by Ruth last night.

Then, slowly, a slide show of pictures on the journey of MJ. From Thriller in the movie 13 going on 30, Beat it played during CLIOD when on of the significant group did a music video, We are the World sang in Choir and etc.

Still in denial for a moment sitting there frozen like a rock. A question was asked again to get conformity. After finally being able to accept the fact, my life moves on with my activity.

It was out of the sudden, no warning and no signs. 1958-2009 he lived for half a decade. Got more information from Msn's today page and was cracking my brain on the meaning of Cardiac Arrest. Finally went google about it and learned about the disease.

Only cared because heard of him all my life. The guy who got bleach had been taken away by the RIP.

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