Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mirul BD part 2- the speech giving

Mirul, This is for you since you are paying for my karaoke! hahaha, someone rich already.

Loreal Warehouse sale today was nice. I like it better than the Nose Warehouse sale, obviously, cosmetics appeals more to me than shoes. I like shoes but I like cosmetics more. Got a mascara, hairspray for styling, loose powder and 2 lip glosses. I limit myself to only Rm50 so that I will not overspent. Trust me, I will just grab if I do not limit myself. Though, I must say that it was not really a super price cut kind of sale. Yes, all things are cheaper but the price drop was not that severe, it was just maybe a 50% max discount kind of thing. It is still fun, I love it.

After that, Christine and I went makan. Stop by a row of stalls but we were like 'er.....' even more chapalang than our college mamak. We went for Bah Kut Teh instead. Yumm...

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