Friday, June 5, 2009

Layout + random-ness

Now that it's different, I feel that it's just so weird... cause I'm always very used to my post on the left side while the side bar is on the right side but it is all the other way round now. Now is like everything is bigger, reminds me when I 1st started blogging, my font size was all extremely big and everything was huge. I had a Giant Crisis Period I guess. Haha. Hopefully, this won't strain you eyes and brain. I'm trying so hard to upload the video, if it is upload, it might be below a few post. I don't know why but It just is, I'll put the link so that you all can enjoy the entertainment. Haha.

By the way, I lost one of my 1GB pendrive, I'm not sure when but I realized only a week ago if I'm not mistaken. So, somehow, Kaven (my awesome boss) got lotz of pendrive with her, so she asked me to choose! So yeah! I got 'new' Pendrive! Thank God & Kaven.

And be surprise, I drove my brother's car today! I never dared to drive any of my family member's car cause they where the new and 'cannot get scratches car'. Except for my dad's car, I don't drive his car cause it's super heavy and manual. Manual is fun but if there's no power steering, I can die driving! All the car behind me will Honk at me all the time. This time was because my car was out of petrol and I don't want to fill in myself as I've already did once (RM10) hahaha, I didn't want to spend anymore, so I pull myself together and press that peddle. It was so fun because his car was like super easy to drive and it's petrol save. I am definitely going to drive it more often now. Hahahaha. I thank God that it was all the way safe journey, I was so cautious while driving his car. It was good overall.

Going to bed now...

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