Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was in the train the other day on my way to college when i overheard 2 people, a guy and a girl talking. I know I am not suppose to but I can't help it, they were sitting just right in front of me and they were talking quite loudly. I am not going to enclose their race.

They were speaking in a language that I do not understand (here is one hint already). But in the sentence there were communication, accountant and promising future. As a COMM student myself, after observing their conversation using social psychology and human communication, i have decoded their message that they were saying ' communication r... is not very risky, unstable. Is not like accountant you know.' Then the guy say 'no promising future la'.

I was like ass... they are talking about comm student when there was a comm student standing behind them.

You must think of it in this angle. We all picked comm is because of interest, not for no reason. If all of us were to take up accountancy, not only in the future will there be too many accountants that cause undergraduate accountants to have a hard time looking for jobs but we will all work for the sake of earning wages. It will never be a career for us anymore, we will do it out of force and the outcome will be less satisfying to the economy because we don't have the heart to produce the best out of us. Besides that, it will be boring for us because it is not an interesting job anyway.

Do you think everyone can just go up to a person and start a conversation? Do you think everyone doesn't have stage fright? Do you think everyone can just stand in front of a crowd and speak? Do you think everyone can act? Do you think everyone has the patience to deal with customers and services? There are actually more to offer for us, is just your stereotype that blocks the view of a beautiful promising future for comm students.

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