Sunday, June 14, 2009

hehe.. count...

1. Joshua Teh
2. Amirul
3. Teoh
4. Izz
5. Mom and dad with singing...
6. Serene(diploma) all the way from india.
7. Younger brother
8. Sypher
10. Joanne sui zar bo
11. Shane
12.Elder brother & elder sis
13. Christine
14. Serene
15. nicole yeoh
16.michelle lau
17. Alvan
18. Heidy
19. Aisha
20. Cornelius
21. All the youth and Pastors and elders in church! All the Huh and hah! Almost 40 of them there...
22. Joyce
23. Suling
24. Yen ling
25. Ruth Ming Chuo
26. Shannon
28. Brian chow
29.Kai chin
30. Isabelle and syaz
31. Samantha chow
32. Alex Low.
33. Yenwoon

1st time:
Ate BBQ plaza!
Starbucks Frap Espresso
The whole youth do like a camporama thing. I dunno how to explain but it was awesome! Thanks you all!
Someone from overseas wished me! Thanks serene...
So many sms come in the whole day. touched..
original latest hillsong CD by college cell as gift.
go see alvan cooking teppanyaki at sakae. He look so cute in his chef uniform.

Honestly, I miss hanging out with sarah, alvan and shannon. But we are all now busy with our own things. Shan got boyfriend, sarah in segi doing nursing, alvan working, and I'm in taylor's. We are all so separated. Going to church just don't seem to be the same without them.


samanthacje said...

OMG im so sorry i din know its ur bday..coz u dont hv fb also! hahahah


:) have a great bday yea! and get fb omg!

samanthacje said...

how long u can last? perhaps 5 more secs? :D

msn add me! samanthacje@ht

Raffi said...

i didnt knew it was your birthday too! happy belated one JQ :)