Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair Attack

My hair got ATTACKed@! No.... the picture above is my shoe. That is the effect of buying cheap ugly shoes. By the way, this pair of shoes is from Opera ok! Never mind, i finally can throw them away! It is also already so dirty, might as well just throw.
No pictures, hahaha, lazy want to upload cause busy with assignments. I didn't take any pictures of myself yet so far. I haven't started economics yet when is due tomorrow or the day after. Not done with research paper and got movie review up next.
I am tired as always. Went Tony Roma's with my mom today for lunch. Curry for dinner at home, grandma's recipe, she is awesome! I'm eating like nobody's business, I just eat and eat and eat. It's the eating season for me.
Crap, almost forgot that I'm leading this sunday in worship. I'll just do accoustic la. SOC carnival asked me to join committee. Meeting tomorrow. Love youtube totally! I love Allthatglitters21, she is pretty...
Ass broke, saving money for redang! If i can make it la.

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